About self storage

Storage industry went through a lot, and it advanced a lot as well; just look at storage facilities Perth offers, high end storage units with all possible additions including air conditioning, full security, and insurance and so on.

Self storage aka self-service storage is an industry which offers storage space that can be rented for indefinite amount of time. Storage is rented to people (both individuals and businesses) who are then called tenants. Storage is rented on month to month basis, but you can come up with a deal where you pay rent for several months to cut expenses in the future. In general taking storage space is explained through 4Ds which represent following:

-Death (in a case when a person dies and a lot of their possessions are too valuable to throw away, but they take too much space in a house; or due to emotional connection those items represent)

-Divorce (in this case one of the parties in divorce will have to change residence and first choice is in most cases hotel or some other kind of rental place. All stuff that belong to that party can’t be taken to the hotel so they rent a storage unit to store those items there, until they manage to deal with their current situation)

-Downsizing (we are all one or another kind of hoarders. After some time we get overburdened with all stuff we have, but throwing it away is not an option so we rent some storage space and put excess items there until we decide what to do with them)

-Dislocation (in this case dislocation means moving to a different place. That place may not have enough space for all things from the old one, or you decide that some things aren’t welcome to your new home. Until you figure what to do with those things you rent a storage unit and place those things there).

Right now world of storage industry is really big, and it expanded a lot. At the beginning it was centered in USA, but last decade brought the expansion of this industry to all sides of the world. Right now you have storage units of all sizes, and there are even those that can hold a car or two, or even a boat. And they are spread all around, from huge buildings with multiple floors filled with storage units to storage units that are out of town and laid on a large piece of land.

In USA, and lately in several other countries you can buy a storage unit with items inside from storage auctions. Once a certain amount of time passes and the tenant doesn’t pay his rents the law may force them to place their storage unit on auction. Money from that auction is taken by the company to cover the rents. If tenant gets money he can repay their outstanding rents at any moment before the actual auction starts then he may keep his storage unit. Units that are forgotten by their tenant and rent is not paid for them are sold at the auction as well.