Colorado Firearms Law

A Recent story published by The Denver Post reveal that applications for carrying concealed weapons have skyrocketed this year in Colorado. The Colorado law for weapon possession states that handguns and long guns can be concealed, and there is no special law for it. However, concealing bigger guns like submachine guns and light submachine guns as well as small rifles is strictly prohibited by the Colorado law. The state laws regulate and know the difference between a small handgun and a long gun like magnum or heavier 50. Cal handgun. Those are not allowed to conceal in any way.

Regulation and Background checks.

The purchase of a gun can be make anywhere in a state whether from authorized person or private contact. The only thing a buyer need’s to do is to do a background check of the person and that weapon he is about to purchase. The check must be reported to CBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigations, to avoid any further complications when found in possession of the gun. The expense of a background check is on the buyer so the price of the weapon is not included in the cost of expenses for such check. Every state of a city must have a record or any other document that proves that the person, seller, or the gun itself were not involved in any way in criminal activity.


Whenever a person carries a handgun with him, it must be properly concealed as regulated by the law. If a person is taking it in open, such as street or bar they should be reported. Every gun shop or a person selling firearms will provide a holster for the gun. This is the primary form of concealment that is accepted in modern society. Other forms of concealment like handgun bag or a small suitcase are also accepted and recommended for use. If a person owns a handgun that should be concealed, they must have any kind of holster or a suitcase at home.

Regulations for Possessing a Firearm.

Any underage person, minor, people that were convicted of criminal activities or any individuals with a history of drug use are prohibited from having a gun. If a gun is found in their reach or in their home, they will be arrested and persecuted. The state law regulates 3 to 4 years for crimes such as these regarding illegal gun possession.
Any person with a clear criminal record that is above the required age can buy a firearm of any kind but keeping it in the house is the smart move. Holsters or no holsters bigger guns are not allowed to carry on the street, bar, club or any other similar place. Keep these regulations and rules that the state law regulates will keep you from trouble and arrest. Many huntsmans are well acquainted with the law and know where and when to carry weapons. The penalties are high so no one should pay money for these mistakes that can happen to anyone who isn’t acquainted with the law.