Counter Strike: Global Offensive

There are many types of games in the world. Social games, sports games, video games.. And they all break down to many more categories. In this article we will specifically talk about video games.
There are so many different types of video games, adventure, strategy, role playing, shooter, action, sports and many more, but today we are interested in a shooter game, specifically Counter Strike: Global offensive.

Counter Strike global offensive is a shooter game created by Valve. Valve is a giant company that makes video games, besides Counter strike: Global offensive they also made Half life, Day of defeat, Portal, Dota2, left 4 dead, Team fortress and also the predecessors of Global offensive which are Counter strike 1.5 and 1.6, Condition zero, and Source.
Counter strike: Global offensive was a remake of all the previous Counter Strike games and made into one amazing shooter, definitely one of the best shooter games today.
Platform on which the game is played is Steam, making a deal with Valve, only the steam users can log-in and play the game, this has cleansed the game of cheaters as Steam has anti-cheating algorithms which, if they identify you as a cheater, ban you permanently.

The game is basically played with two sides involved, a counter terrorist side and a terrorist side.
The goal of terrorist side is to either kill all of the counter terrorists or to plant a bomb and defend it until it explodes, and of course the goal of counter terrorists is to defuse that bomb or kill all the terrorists before they are able to plant it.

Now, this explanation makes the game look a lot simpler than it is. In reality it is one of the hardest games to play. The amount of skill needed to compete at the highest level is nothing short of amazing.

This is not another game where the better shooter wins, no, this is a game of wits. The strategies being made and executed by professional players is truly an art.
There are many explanation videos and tutorials for all kinds of players, from beginners to advanced, as this game is so hard to master, no matter your skill level, you will always find something new to learn. Many professional players make these videos and upload them online to help players better understand and learn the game. Besides tips and tricks from other players, Valve has videos explaining the game as well.

Counter strike is usually played on different maps so before you try and compete with skilled players, make sure you learn all the perks of the map, where the bombsites are, where you can hide and how much time both sides need to come to the certain part of map as the map knowledge in this game is essential.
Besides the game play, there is a side feature that doesn’t involve in-game benefits whatsoever, but it somehow makes the players feel better, and this feature is weapon skins. For each weapon there are different skins and you can purchase them on Steam market for certain amount of money.