Heroes of the storm review

Video games are the newest and currently the most fun way of entertainment. They have begun developing some decades and they were very simple, but now with consoles and computers, the possibilities are almost infinite. Those simple games have been developing and over time evolved into many different genres to be played on many different platforms. Some of the genres of games are action, shooter, strategy, adventure, simulation, MMORPG, MOBA and so on.

There are many game developers and publishers nowadays but only the few are really at the top. Blizzard entertainment is one of them. Blizzard corporation has not created many games, but every game they made is a major hit. Everybody in the world of gaming knows at least one Blizzard’s game. Most popular game Blizzard created is Warcraft, after that Diablo, Starcraft and an extension of warcraft and genre change from strategy to MMORPG, World of warcraft.

Among the games mentioned above, newest released project was Heroes of the storm. This game is the first MOBA game (Multiplayer online battle arena) that really forces players to rely on each other. There are many other MOBA games, such as Dota2 or League of Legends, but all of them allow you some kind of single player mode. In classic MOBA games every player has his own level of experience, can harness gold and buy items, specialize in one way or another while itemizing while in Heroes of the storm everything is directed to the profit of the team. There is one experience bar which is the same for everyone in the team no matter how much one player contributes. Every power up you may gain while playing is a team power up and not just for you. No in-game currency is given, no items, everybody has a hero which benefits only from current level of experience the whole team has.

This may sound a bit strange and confusing, maybe simple even, but it’s really not.. Head over to Blizzards website and watch the trailer as well as an explanation video on how it all works and I’m sure it will all make sense then.

In Heroes of the Storm there is not just one map you can play like in most MOBA games, there are many different maps with different objectives and neutral creep camps. In order to understand the map you can also watch an explanation video for each map or simply watch some pro player explain and give some advice on how to play them.

One amazing feature for all the Blizzard fans is that this game has champions combined from all other blizzard games. There are Warcraft heroes such as Muradin, Jaina, Uther, Thrall, Rexxar. Some Starcraft characters Abathur, Tassadar, Zagara, Zeratul.. and last but not least, even Diablo characters – Diablo, Valla, Tyrael, Naziba and Sonya.

If this all seems attractive, head over to battle net, create an account and download the game. Blizzard offers this game for free, the only way you could spend money on this game is to buy some in-game content.