How to overcome flu and get sick leave without visiting a doctor

With globally changed weather conditions, flu season no longer occurs only once or twice a year, but it has become more common. This is why flu vaccines have been invented, and many people decide to take a flu shot, usually because of other health issues that may become worse if they get the flu as well. However, not everyone decides to take a vaccine, and many people still get the flu once, twice or even several times a year.

For a generally healthy person, flu is pretty harmless and it should not bring any additional health problems if you overcome it properly. Even though it is very unpleasant and inconvenient to feel weak and sore during the illness, you can successfully get rid of it without visiting a doctor. Flu is a viral infection, which does not require any particular medicine or antibiotics, which means that visiting a doctor is not necessary, unless you feel unusually bad.

Fever is one of the common flu symptoms, and in order to keep it under control and help it get normal, make sure to drink plenty of liquid. Your body dehydrates when it fights the virus; therefore it needs to stay hydrated. In addition to water, drinking grape or orange juice can help reduce fever, and they will also give you the necessary dose of vitamin C. Showering with lukewarm water also helps reducing the fever, as well as cold forehead compress.

Sore throat is successfully cured by many natural remedies. Combination of ginger and honey is very efficient for sore throat, as well as honey combined with propolis drops. Gargling and drinking sage teas has also been proven as very efficient against sore throat.

Inhalation is helpful with clogged nose, and it can be done at home. Use a pot of hot water, into which you should add mint leaves and mint or eucalyptus essential oil. Place your head over the pot, cover it with a towel and inhale the steam. Saline spray can also be largely helpful, and it can be found at any pharmacy.

In addition to the remedies, whether you use the natural ones or the pharmaceuticals, when you have a flu it is necessary to get enough sleep and to avoid any hard work or intensive physical and mental activity. It usually requires several days of rest and regular taking of remedies in order for you to feel better. However, if you decide to overcome the sickness yourself, without visiting a doctor, you may have a problem at work, because you need to submit a doctor’s note in order to justify the absence. This is when most people seek fake doctor’s notes, which can be found on various websites and used for different purposes. In order to get a fake doctor’s note that looks genuine, you will usually need to pay a certain price, and these notes include a logo, watermark and a doctor’s signature that verify that you have actually been sick.