Single or two storey house?

It is not easy, we know that. It is a tough choice. You and me- we know the difference. It is not the same thing. One thing is a house with a single storey, and completely another is two storey house. And when it comes to building house, oh man- that is a seriously tough choice to make. But, maybe is not. With the professional advice, none of this questions would stay without the right answer.

When you make these kinds of decisions, the most important thing is to be aware of the few main aspects of house building. First is to decide in which part of the land you want to build your house. When you know the ground, you know the fundament and that is an essence of your future home. When you found out and have decided where you want to build your home, then you have to choose whether you want a single storey or two storey house. The difference is huge!

There are some house builders who will say that this is the same question like what is older, chicken or egg, and they think about what’s comes first- the land or the house. We think that first comes land and after when you know your scenery, you can be more creative when it comes to creating your house as you wanted, but according to possibilities that landscape or your neighbourhood allows.

Then comes the money issues – how much money you are prepared to invest in your new house. Yes, it is important to want to build a new home, but the bottom line is that everything comes to how much money you have. Of course, when you think smart, you can make great things with the small amount of money, and that’s why it is important to have a good adviser and contract builder. And, maybe the most important thing when it comes to creating your own dream home is research. You have to research all possibilities and find what suits for you the best.

The presence of your house is almost everything. If you go for the two storey house, there is no doubt that your house will look more impressive from outside. For double storey house, you will need 300 or 350 square meters. That is a norm. It can be less, or more space but 300 or 350 square meters should give enough space for extra things like swimming pool in the back yard or some garden to make your house more alive. Also, two storey house will help you to separate your living room from your bedrooms.

If you go for the single storey home, then you go for some more traditional style, which can help you to save some costs. Also, these kinds of houses are more age-friendly. Also it gives you the feeling that you are a true part of a landscape or your neighbourhood and it gives you an impression that everything is much more open with those open entrances and wide corridors.