Tips for storing your stuff in rental units

One might think that there is nothing special about storage units Perth. You just pack up your things you do not need at the moment, but you will need them in the near future and bring them to a storage unit you rented because you live in a one-bedroom apartment and there is absolutely no available space. But, using these clever advice, you will find out that self storage units can be a lot easier to use and your thing will be safer and much better organized.

Firstly, keep track of the things you have stored, because there is a strong chance you will forget where is that grandma’s painting that you just hated, but did not have the heart to throw it away. Not only that, there are loads of things you might forget and it is wise to label the boxes you placed your things in so you will not spend more and more time opening one box after another.

Second, you have to be aware that storage units are usually not heated in the winter months, meaning that the cold can get inside the unit and, possibly, endanger things that are not exactly fond of the cold. This is not a problem in warm countries like Australia, for example, especially in Perth, where you can find a lot of cheap storage units.
Also, keeping your things off the floor is very, very important, if not crucial. Who can guarantee that the melting snow will not slip under the door, or the unit next door will have a water spill which will simply ruin your antique furniture. In order to prevent this, keep your things on pallets!

For the same reasons stated above, but also because of humidity changes and other atmospheric condition issues, it is advised to wrap your valuables in an industrial plastic wrap. And yes, it will keep all those nasty, creepy crawlers away from your prized wooden furniture.

The same way you want to keep your things safe and undamaged, the owners of the storage unit business do not like to see their storage units damaged during your tenancy. Nobody will consider you a good tenant if you scar the walls, spray them with paint or glue or keep your pets inside (yes, that happens!). So, in order to avoid fines and penalties, keep your storage unit clean, tidy and leave it the way you found it.

If you cannot afford a large unit or do not want to pay needlessly for large storage units, you will have to be a bit of a Tetris freak. Small units can hold a great deal of stuff, if you use the space wisely. For example, you can stack up your boxes pretty high if you use pieces of plywood to stabilize the „floors“.

In the end, just like they do it at self storage in Perth, where you will be given a secure padlock, it is smart to use a strong small lock. Even though storage business provide security,
there is no such thing as 100% safety. To bring the number as close as possible to 100%, buy a sturdy, weather-proof pad lock with a short arm so bolt cutter will have a difficult job working through it.