What to look for in a fake doctor’s note and what types of notes are available online

Reasons for using a fake doctor’s note can be numerous. You may have a minor health issue that does not require visiting a doctor, but you may still not be able to work for a couple of days. Your child may feel ill and needs to be excused from school for a few days without being penalized. Whatever the reason may be, using the fake doctor’s notes has become very common, and they are widely available on Internet websites that are specialized in designing and selling these notes to everyone who may need them. The number of these websites is also quite large, and you may find different kinds of notes, varying in design, style, purpose and of course, the price.

Types of fake doctor’s notes are various and they can be found in all the forms of real doctor’s notes. Therefore, you can get: mental health notes, dentist notes, gynecologist or urologist notes, cardiologist notes, emergency room notes, oral surgery notes, medical absence reports, jury duty doctor notice, dermatologist note and many, many more.
When browsing the Internet for fake doctor’s notes, you will find roughly two kinds of notes: those that can be downloaded for free, and those that are paid a certain amount of money. Here, the rule of getting what you pay for can be applied. Free notes are not usually as well designed and can be easily identified as fake. Paid notes are generally much better designed, they have all the characteristics of a real note and thus they are more difficult to be discovered as fake. In order to get the most genuinely-looking fake doctor’s note, here is what to look for:

1. Design – fake doctor’s note, naturally, needs to appear as the real one, in order to be able to justify your absence from work, or your child’s absence from school. The best notes are designed so that they look authentic and real. This means that, aside from containing the form that needs to be filled, they need to contain appropriate logos, watermarks, fonts and graphics, so that they fully resemble the real notes you can get from a doctor. If you have some of the real doctor’s notes saved at home, it is a good idea to compare them with a sample of a fake one before you decide to buy it.

2. Availability – just like the doctor would give you a note right after the examination, the fake doctor’s notes should be available for you to download as you pay for them. If you need to wait for a few days in order to get the note, it is better to search for it on a different website.

3. Price – naturally, a quality design comes with a price, so if you want an authentic-looking fake doctor’s note, you should be ready to pay for it. The prices vary depending on the website, and you should determine how much you are willing to pay for it.