Aquarius Love and Tarot Horoscope – Monday, June 08, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The time has come for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour. After a demanding and wearisome period in your life, you’re finally about to earn what you have been aspiring to: recognition! The issues you have been preoccupied with are gradually being resolved and you are very close to attaining the balance and stability you have been seeking! A weight is being lifted off your shoulders, and you are starting to look at life with greater optimism and hope. The Justice card indicates that you will adopt an honest and direct attitude that will be beneficial to all aspects of your everyday life.

Love Tarot Card

Today the Justice card emerges from the love tarot deck. Some singles will develop a clearer image of the type of partner they seek. Single people finally meet someone who matches their unique personality. The Justice card often means defining relationships. For some couples, the Justice card points to an engagement or a wedding. Or you discuss the boundaries and structure of your relationship. You and your partner might allocate household responsibilities, deciding together who walks the dog; who manages the checkbook; who does the dishes, etc. You might discuss how sexual balance, how to ensure that both parties feel equally satisfied. When the Justice card appears, equality becomes an important issue. The days when the Justice card appears tend to have a serious rather than carefree energy. Justice sometimes requires redress of relationship wrongs through a sincere apology.

Daily career tarot

Your ego is standing in the way of your professional and financial progress. One moment, you are indulging your material desires and going on a shopping spree; the next, you are regretting it and trying to clean up the mess! Your poor judgement is causing you to make mistakes. Some of your partners may be trying to deceive you. Give careful consideration to the offers you will receive.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Today you are in a romantic mood and want to enjoy the day with your beloved just like your first date. What all do you want to add onto this date to make it a dream date?

Think. You are great at making food arrangements as well as the ambience. What remains is your dress up! Sometimes the oldies but goldies need to dress up a little bit in order to look fresh and new all over again.

And this is what has happened with you too over the age, you have been so much occupied with the other priorities of life that you had missed out polishing yourself. Never mind, it is not too late!

You can expect good times to come up soon! Today your heart and mind are in perfect synch. Hence your ability to see the tiniest details will get sharpened. You can easily catch up the signals which are going to work for you and ignore the rest which will only aim to kill your energy and time.

It is the perfect time for some true compliments. Blushing is on the cards but be graceful to accept the praises showered on you. You know that you are worth it.

The color pink will go nicely with your mood today and may bring up the old memories, cherished by you. Don’t be surprised if your soul mate turns up with a pink dress for you.

Lucky colors: pale yellow, bottle green, deep red and blue
Lucky numbers: 7, 16, 22, 60