Aquarius Love and Tarot Horoscope – Saturday, June 20, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to experience changes in your life that will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. New roads are opening up before you, and they are full of great experiences and opportunities. You will make some crucial decisions about your life and will not hesitate to take risks and to stir the stagnant waters of your everyday routine. You will be spontaneous in your behaviour, but you will also have a tendency to carelessness and impulsiveness, so you will have to be careful not to make mistakes you will later regret. Enjoy this period of your life while making sure you behave in a prudent, rational manner.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot gives us the Hierophant card today. This card relates to teachings, beliefs, traditions, rituals, and groups. This card can mean the time has arrived for you and your sweetheart to formalize your union with a wedding ceremony. Or it can mean your relationship will benefit from renewing your marriage vows. For people still seeking a partner, the Hierophant advises you to join a group to find someone who shares your beliefs. You might want to consider participating in a group activity at your place or worship, taking a meditation class, or volunteering for a political campaign. The Hierophant card also suggests a need for teaching or guidance. You and your partner might want to seek counseling from a clergyperson or therapist. The card can mean that you now have something to teach your partner (or vice versa).

Daily career tarot

Your inability to control your impulsiveness is causing you to make career-related decisions without having thought things through. The Temperance card reversed indicates that you currently have a tendency to intemperance. You are prone to acting without considering the consequences of your actions and to doing things you will later regret. Keep in mind that this is a transitional period in your life, and it is testing you. You will have to give up your bad habits and to exercise self-control in order to be able to make a new start.

Love Horoscope

You love socializing and today you may have to attend numerous such social occasions where your valor and temerity will be praised. You are blessed to have a partner who has a high degree of ambition in life. They will add sunshine to your life by helping you in being persuasive to others and being successful in your endeavors today.

The current planetary positions will induce in you a very deep thinking ability. As a result you will be encouraged to reflect very deeply on what you expect to happen next or in future together with your partner. If you will sense that there will be something undesired cropping up then you will be able to find a way to suppress this hurdle.

It will be better if you will defer taking any final decisions right now since you are not at the best of your logical thinking right now. Also you will not be able to find a way out, seems like someone is trying to block your path without letting you be aware of it. You will not lose the prize on which you were keeping your eyes fixed.

It will add to your feel good when your sweetheart will express his or her undying love for you. You will also have a sudden rush of emotions in your veins which will force you to convey to your better half the feelings you hold for them.

Lucky colors: yellow orange, strawberry pink and royal blue.
Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 10, 15