Aquarius Love and Tarot Horoscope Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Daily tarot reading

Your ego will stand in the way of your personal ambitions. One moment, you will be giving priority to your own needs and completely ignoring those of everyone else; the next, you will be seeking the advice and support of those around you! Your poor judgement will cause you to make mistakes. Some people in your life may attempt to deceive you. Seeing that you will be going through a period of emotional vulnerability, you should try to work on your self-confidence and do as follows: Listen, think, decide and be understanding.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot gives us the Hierophant card today. This card relates to teachings, beliefs, traditions, rituals, and groups. This card can mean the time has arrived for you and your sweetheart to formalize your union with a wedding ceremony. Or it can mean your relationship will benefit from renewing your marriage vows. For people still seeking a partner, the Hierophant advises you to join a group to find someone who shares your beliefs. You might want to consider participating in a group activity at your place or worship, taking a meditation class, or volunteering for a political campaign. The Hierophant card also suggests a need for teaching or guidance. You and your partner might want to seek counseling from a clergyperson or therapist. The card can mean that you now have something to teach your partner (or vice versa).

Daily career tarot

The Strength card is arming you with stamina, energy and great persistence; the impossible becomes possible and the improbable becomes probable! You will accomplish everything you will set out to do, because your faith in yourself is so strong that you feel like there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. Your self-confidence and diligence are helping you excel in your career. You are able to rise to every challenge and to confront every problem head-on and, thanks to your meticulousness, flexibility and intelligence, you will successfully tackle every difficult situation you will be faced with. Take advantage of the strength you have been endowed with to pursue your dreams!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

The day will begin with introspection at your end. You may be looking for ways to focus on important aspects of your relationship. Other areas of concern may be your own faults which have disrupted the long duration and well established harmonious relationship with your partner. There is always a way out, so just think about the bright side of your personality to make your relationship as good as it has been in the old times.

Do not blame yourself and for your information there is ample potential of romance between you and your sweetheart! However the care and intimacy which you two share may be limited due to circumstances, time, distance, finances or misunderstandings.

But today is the day when you will get rid of these blocking factors. Just let out your feelings when you confront your partner. They will understand you well and will actually appreciate your approach to counteract the opposing situations.

Your partner is mature enough to give you as much space as you need and wishes the very best for you always. Your partner will enlighten you about certain tactics which can help balance relationships in the outside world as well ways to form alliances with genuine people.

You guys may even decide to take your relationship on to a different level. You may plan for bringing a new member in the family or discuss plans for the future of your kid, if you already have one!

Lucky colors: Cyan, lavender, plum and green.
Lucky numbers: 8, 12, 15, 28