Aquarius Love Horoscope for Monday, May 03, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your star will shine bright again! There will be several positive developments in your life, and you will eagerly embark on new adventures. Your success is guaranteed, as you overcame all the difficulties and obstacles you encountered and you proved your worth. You will start to feel more confident in yourself, and your heart will be filled with hope and optimism. Your creativity and inspiration will help you make the right decisions and accomplish your goals. Luck will be on your side, and you will receive significant support from those around you.

Love Tarot Card

The Sun emerges from the love tarot card upside-down today. When the Sun card shows up in its reversed position, its qualities seem excessive or dampened. You may appear needy and desperate. Or you may behave as if the world revolves around you. Either way, your behavior decreases your chances for new romance. One person in your relationship enjoys acclaim and recognition now. The other partner feels left in the shade. An attractive person gazes intently at you. You naively assume he or she finds you attractive—until you notice toilet paper trailing from your shoe. You try to flirt with someone, but your attempts at humor fall flat. You feel the sting of rejection when your invitation for drinks is turned down. Or you continue to badger the person until their polite “no” becomes adamant.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a crisis in your professional and financial life. You feel worn out by your responsibilities and problems, and have withdrawn into yourself in order to regain your inner strength. It is very likely that someone who is jealous of you will try to deceive you in order to get you into trouble. This is not the right time to make career-related or financial decisions.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Today is a day for treats and surprises. You feel like surprising your partner today. All this time your partner has been there for you and now you wish to do the same for him/her.

You two have been long enough in a relationship to know the meaning of give and take. Your partner has been understanding and cooperative all throughout and has stuck by you through thin and thick.

Today has been a day of retrospection and you would like to do something special for him/her like giving him/her a surprise.

Well, your partner is thinking on the same lines today. Your partner feels indebted for everything you have done for him/her and wants to express it. Therefore, although you might be planning a surprise, do not be surprised if you get one back.

Your relationship is a tried and tested one which has seen a lot of ups and downs. You two have gone through a lot and recovered from a lot of setbacks. All in all, you two are lucky to have each other. Therefore, your relationship certainly calls for celebration.

To make things luckier for today, it will be good to do everything together. You may wear the same colors, eat two of whatever you order, watch two movies instead of one.

As you are a lucky couple, 2 is certainly your favorable number for today. Be careful to avoid 3, as it makes the luck unstable and might you’re your plans backfire.

Lucky color – black and white
Lucky numbers – 2, 12, 22, 32, 42