Aries Love and Tarot Horoscope – Saturday, April 18, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The hectic pace and the responsibilities of your everyday life have completely disoriented you, and you are currently having difficulty finding time for yourself and your loved ones. You have neglected important aspects of your life and feel isolated and lonely. You have to reconsider some of the choices you have made, because the steep, solitary path you are travelling is of your own choosing. Try to get your impulsiveness under control and prioritise your desires.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot gives us the Hierophant card today. This card relates to teachings, beliefs, traditions, rituals, and groups. This card can mean the time has arrived for you and your sweetheart to formalize your union with a wedding ceremony. Or it can mean your relationship will benefit from renewing your marriage vows. For people still seeking a partner, the Hierophant advises you to join a group to find someone who shares your beliefs. You might want to consider participating in a group activity at your place or worship, taking a meditation class, or volunteering for a political campaign. The Hierophant card also suggests a need for teaching or guidance. You and your partner might want to seek counseling from a clergyperson or therapist. The card can mean that you now have something to teach your partner (or vice versa).

Daily career tarot

The time has come for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour. After a demanding and wearisome period of work, you’re finally about to earn what you have been aspiring to: recognition! The issues you have been preoccupied with are gradually being resolved and you are very close to attaining the balance and stability you have been seeking! A weight is being lifted off your shoulders, and you are starting to look at life with greater optimism and hope. The Justice card indicates that the honest and direct attitude you have adopted will be beneficial to all aspects of your everyday life.

Aries Love Horoscope

You may be in a mood to ponder over the things which you find difficult to deal with in the matter of love. You are not able to express the love which you have in your heart for your beloved. And that is why your sweetheart feels that you do not love him or her.

And at times they may get mad at you thinking that you are only using them for physical pleasure. You need to stop this right now before it gets too late. Tell yourself you can do everything to show that you have love in your heart for your better half. Try to do things which your spouse likes and if possible make a list of their favorites.

It may happen that you too may feel vacant or hollow inside. So you must try to figure out as well what you need and how you can obtain it. You believe in spirituality and karmas of past lives.

But this is not the time to relate to them based upon what you are facing currently. You should be very active and should be the first one to take the initiative to sort out the things. Your actions will decide the fate of your relationship.

At times you may be haunted because of the past but you must just ignore it all. You may get restless and insomniac if you do not control yourself right now.

Lucky colors: Harvest gold, neon carrot and olive drab.
Lucky numbers: 4,9,12, 34