Aries Love and Tarot Horoscope – Thursday, June 18, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The Justice card reversed indicates that you will soon experience a sense of disappointment because your life will be thrown out of balance. You will go through a tough time in your relationship with those around you (family, friends, business partners/colleagues, romantic partner) and will feel like nobody is on your side. Someone will do you wrong, and this will make you lose your trust in them. Before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a guilty verdict, though, you should carefully consider whether things turned out the way they did because of you. Seeing that you will have a tendency to deny responsibility for your actions and to blame others for your own mistakes, you may do or say things that will drive away people you care about.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card today gives us the Magician reversed. The reversed position of the Magician acts as a warning. Your charisma and powers of persuasion plummet today. Attempts at flirtation are likely to fall flat today. Don’t try to charm your partner into doing things your way. This is also a bad day to meet your lover’s parents for the first time. This card can also indicate you and your lover fail to communicate. For single people, this card suggests you feel like the magician’s bumbling apprentice in your efforts to find a partner. Perhaps you should re-consider the impression your appearance, words, and actions create. The appearance of the Magician card upside-down can mean someone seeks to manipulate you today. A charming but untrustworthy person seeks to seduce you. Or you may have a rival for your partner’s affections.

Daily career tarot

Your ego is standing in the way of your professional and financial progress. One moment, you are indulging your material desires and going on a shopping spree; the next, you are regretting it and trying to clean up the mess! Your poor judgement is causing you to make mistakes. Some of your partners may be trying to deceive you. Give careful consideration to the offers you will receive.

Aries Love Horoscope

You have been forced by circumstances to remain a pillar of strength as your relationship has passed through crisis. Your partner have seen more than his / her share of misfortunes and you have put your own needs in the back and catered to the emotional demands of your partner.

With your strong silent treatment, you have striven to give an impression of having little emotion and wanting to share them even less. But now your partner is in a far more stable condition and it is time for you to take care of your own emotional needs.

So, you will be demonstrating an emotional and vulnerable side to your character which is completely new to your partner. It will come as rather a big surprise, but once your partner adjusts to your new attitude, the level of understanding between you will be strengthened.

You will experience a sense of freedom and fulfillment as you freely express your own feelings. This will actually help to address hidden issues in your relationship which have been adding to the invisible stress.

Your partner may find it surprising that you have been keeping so much hidden from him / her or the fact that these issues are of importance to you.

But this will not stop your partner from fully supporting you and providing you with that emotional platform so that your feelings are given importance and recognition. With this epiphany, expect your relationship to touch new heights.

Lucky color: White dove grey, pink
Lucky number: 65, 23, 7