Aries Love Horoscope for Monday, February 22, 2021

Daily tarot reading

You are about to go through major changes in your life – and you will be unable to control or prevent them. These developments will be completely unanticipated and will catch you off guard. You will feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty because the stability of your life will be threatened. You will have to keep in mind that all these changes will be for the best, as they will help you disengage yourself from emotionally draining situations. A new road is about to open up before you, and it will be very promising; you will have no reason to be afraid to travel it!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Magician. Days ruled by this card offer wonderful opportunities for creating positive change in your life. Don’t just sit around and daydream. Wisely use the knowledge, talents and tools at your disposal. Remain mindful today that words have power. Decisive actions can bring you rich rewards. Consciously direct your words and behavior towards achieving your goals. The Magician’s appearance signals an opportunity to shift your romantic life into high gear. If you are single, visualize your ideal lover, making a list of the qualities you seek. You possess charisma now to attract the love you want. Your confidence and charisma reach a peak today. You attract the romantic situation you desire through your magnetism. If you already have a partner, today provides a chance to take the relationship to a new level—whether emotionally. If you have several lovers, the Magician card advises that you focus on just one person now.

Daily career tarot

Your mind is overflowing with plans and ideas, but you are going through a period of instability in your professional and financial life. You are constantly faced with delays and obstacles, and things are not going as desired. You are refusing to acknowledge the current state of your career and to make a realistic assessment of your situation. Keep in mind that the more we try to ignore our problems, the bigger they get. Do not let your indecisiveness and lack of courage prevent you from improving your professional and financial status.

Aries Love Horoscope

Today is a positive day for both of you. There is a lot of fun and adventure waiting. There might be some hanging out with old friends which will cut out on your together time, but on the whole, add a fresh zing to your relationship.

It has been a long time since you have caught up with your friends and the bonding will help. You might be in for some serious talking with family regarding your relationship. But do not worry. There is nothing wrong about it. In fact, the stars are fortunate. Your parents will be very appreciative of your partner.

Your partner on the other hand should be patient as there will be a lot of changes in and around you. He/she will require reassurance from you at times. Once reassured, they will be patient and support you in all your endeavors.

Express yourself thoroughly to your partner. But do not complain or whine or this might have an adverse effect to your intentions. Assure your partner of his/her importance in your life as it might seem you are busy with everything else.

Finally, as per your compatibility, you are meant to be together. You are lucky for each other and your presence in your partner’s life has a positive impact. This works the other way round as well. All that is required is a little bit of understanding and time which, if once given will take the relationship to a stronger level.

Lucky color – Indigo
Lucky numbers – 3, 6, 16, 22