Cancer Love and Tarot Horoscope – Saturday,19. September 2020

Daily tarot reading

Your future looks bright! The problems that have been troubling you will give way to a rainbow bringing along joy, satisfaction, inspiration and hope. You will be rewarded for your pains and efforts, and the recognition you will earn will fill you with enthusiasm and happiness. Your desires will be fulfilled and your questions will finally be put to rest. You will experience love and glory, distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd, and build a solid foundation for the future. You will be given opportunities that will signal the beginning of a new, very promising chapter in your life.

Love Tarot Card

Today the love tarot deck deals out the Wheel of Fortune card. The Wheel of Fortune’s appearance portends some kind of turning point. You may experience a rite of passage. Perhaps you or your partner finally reach a sought-after goal. The Wheel of Fortune usually brings good news, but only after a long period of difficulty. You or your partner might receive a scholarship or a job offer. Or you and your spouse enter a new phase of your relationship. The two of you re-discover a sense of connection after a period of detachment. The turn of the Wheel can also point to a more subtle, inward event. After a post-divorce period of depression, you feel ready to look for love again. Occasionally, the appearance of this card coincides with a stroke of amazing luck. You might go on what you consider a hopeless blind date, only to meet the love of your life

Daily career tarot

You are keeping your expenses in check and weighing the pros and cons of every situation in order to remain in control of your life. You have adopted a modest attitude and have focused your attention on your career in order to progress. Your fears and insecurities are preventing you from indulging your impulses and repeating past mistakes. Your self-restraint will eventually prove very beneficial for you. Your sacrifices and efforts will be rewarded – both materially and morally. Stay focused on your goals; if you show temperance and take nothing for granted, it will all pay off in the end.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Creativity is the mantra for today. Instead of trying out the traditional methods of romance and courtship, quirkiness will be extremely well appreciated. The day has an inclination for the unexpected, with even the weather displaying traits of the same. Although you may expect it to be warm, rush of winds will bring chills which will be extremely romantic and thrilling at the same time.

You and your partner have been following others’ guidance towards what seems to be necessary thoughts and actions for love. You are wary of straying from the path in fear of repercussions.

You have been in love for a short while now and wish to take it till the end and not mess it up during the journey of love. The stars have, therefore, come together to create this day for you when you let go of all your fears and start afresh. Let your partner see you for who you really are. Indulge in activities you have never done before although your heart is in him/her.

The same goes for your partner. Realize that in love it is the love and understanding that matters instead of rules and rituals set down by people. Your love life is a journey shared by the two of you and nobody should be allowed to set rules in your life.

It will be a good idea to go for adventure sports or artistic events like dance. In attire, go for free flowing attire as it will give you a feeling of freedom.

Lucky colors – peach, dark green
Lucky numbers – 3, 8, 11, 20, 25