Cancer Love and Tarot Horoscope – Thursday, June 18, 2020

Daily tarot reading

Your ego will stand in the way of your personal ambitions. One moment, you will be giving priority to your own needs and completely ignoring those of everyone else; the next, you will be seeking the advice and support of those around you! Your poor judgement will cause you to make mistakes. Some people in your life may attempt to deceive you. Seeing that you will be going through a period of emotional vulnerability, you should try to work on your self-confidence and do as follows: Listen, think, decide and be understanding.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot deck gives us the Temperance card today. This card suggests the process of mixing and matching, trying to find the right combination. For couples, this means adjusting your relationship. You might address some issue related to your home, your sex life, your emotions, your children. Talk honestly about your concerns. Decide what changes need to occur. Perhaps the two of you remain a couple, but no longer share the same bedroom—or even the same roof. You may have to go back to the drawing board if your first solution doesn’t work. Temperance requires patience. Single folks experiment with a different method of meeting potential dates, perhaps a matchmaker or dating site. This card warns singles against jumping into a new relationship with both feet. The Temperance card highlights the need for creative adaptation to shifting circumstances. It suggests cooperation, compromise, and controlled experimentation.

Daily career tarot

Your mind is overflowing with plans and ideas, but you are going through a period of instability in your professional and financial life. You are constantly faced with delays and obstacles, and things are not going as desired. You are refusing to acknowledge the current state of your career and to make a realistic assessment of your situation. Keep in mind that the more we try to ignore our problems, the bigger they get. Do not let your indecisiveness and lack of courage prevent you from improving your professional and financial status.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Emotions are running high today and you may be feeling extra sensitive. As a result, you may sit down and go over each of the events of your relationship and dissect every word and gesture of your partner in order to arrive at a deeper understanding. But your highly emotional state does not make this the best time to carry out such analysis.

Chances are you will see imaginary slights and negative emotions where none exist. The day is not suited for introspection and analysis though you have an almost overwhelming urge to do so. Instead, try to turn your mind to some totally practical matter. Attend to errands which you have been neglecting.

There may be simple chores which your partner was asking you to do and you had been putting them off. Today, the time is best spent doing these works. Organize your joint finances or do the handyman jobs around the houses. These will relax you and prevent you from becoming unnecessarily emotional.

Your partner has no idea that you are in such an emotional state. If you have an emotional outburst, your partner will first be surprised and then will readily match your emotions with anger.

However, if you choose to devote your time to the mundane but necessary chores, your partner is going to be happy and will not be shy about expressing this happiness. This will actually be a far more constructive way to express your pent up emotions.

Lucky color: Yellow, lime green, white
Lucky number: 5, 8, 32