Cancer Love Horoscope for Sunday, January 17, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your creativity and passion will reach their peak. You will pursue your aspirations, fight for your dreams and taste success! You will be focused on achieving your goals and won’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Some revelations will help you sort out the truth from the lies. You will find solutions to issues you used to consider dead-end and will put certain matters into perspective. The period lying ahead of you will pose a challenge you will gloriously rise to!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Death card. Although many people react with fear to this card, it rarely presages literal physical death. In tarot terms, Death is the necessary first step to transformation. You or your partner ends the relationship. The break-up opens the door to you finding new love. It can also mean the end of one phase of your relationship as your partnership undergoes a major transformation. If one of you has always been the breadwinner supporting the household, you now switch roles. The Death card sometimes means the death of some illusion. If one person in a couple idealized the other, a more realistic image replaces those rose-colored glasses. Or friends who played a major role in your life could move across the country. The Death card sometimes means it is time to shed some bad habit which could hurt the relationship. This card’s message is to accept change gracefully.

Daily career tarot

Your mind is overflowing with plans and ideas, but you are going through a period of instability in your professional and financial life. You are constantly faced with delays and obstacles, and things are not going as desired. You are refusing to acknowledge the current state of your career and to make a realistic assessment of your situation. Keep in mind that the more we try to ignore our problems, the bigger they get. Do not let your indecisiveness and lack of courage prevent you from improving your professional and financial status.

Cancer Love Horoscope

You and your partner are at crossroads and cannot decide when is the right time to take a decision that has been long pending. Although you feel everything has been going right till now and you should just go ahead, something seems to be holding you back. Well, today is your day. Go for it! You and your partner are very attached to each other and pray for good things to happen to each other. Nothing will give you more happiness than if the happiness is a combined aspect.

You two are very sensitive people, always eager to help out and compromise if need occurs. Therefore, there rarely are disagreements in your life. When it comes to being the decision maker, both of you sit, deliberate and take equal responsibility. Such maturity comes through a long duration of time being together. And moreover, your compatibility is written in the stars. Therefore, you two are lucky for each other.

Today is a good day to start something special or execute a pending plan. Do not worry about any specific timing as the day is lucky and the bond between you and your partner makes it even more special and strong. Abstain from using clay or stoneware today. Opt for metal and glass instead. Spend some time of the day in prayer as it will reinforce faith in your decisions. Spend today in the company of your partner in a calm and quiet manner.

Lucky colors – pink, light blue
Lucky numbers – 2, 8, 13, 17, 20