Cancer Love Horoscope for Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Daily tarot reading

You will feel the desire to study, to expand your spiritual horizons and to enrich your knowledge and experience. You will build a solid foundation for your future. Before you accomplish the goals you will set out to pursue, you will have difficulty making decisions and will be in need of support and guidance. Someone very important to you will be by your side and help you make the right decisions. There will be developments in your life that will help you grow and acquire further experience. You will reflect on your past and regret some of the decisions you have made. You will resolve to do everything in your power to reverse a negative situation and will indeed succeed in doing so.

Love Tarot Card

The Star card reversed was drawn from the love tarot deck today. The positive messages of the upright Star seem blocked or delayed when the card is upside-down. Life offers you an opportunity for renewal, yet something holds you back. Fear or resentment based on past experiences prevents you from moving forward. Although you see light at the end of the tunnel, your heart feels closed to hope. The reversed Star sometimes means one person seeking to renew a relationship while the other person wants to leave. You feel disoriented by recent painful experiences, uncertain of what to do next. The process of healing happens very slowly. If you are single, you may begin dating someone who is in a recovery program. The two of you both carry scars and feel hesitant about romance. You might decide friendship feels safer than passion right now.

Daily career tarot

The problems and setbacks you have encountered in your professional and financial life have disappointed and discouraged you. You feel like all hope is gone and your mind is filled with pessimistic thoughts, but the truth is that the only thing currently missing from your life is faith in yourself and your abilities. It all depends on you and how you will choose to handle things. Don’t give up; this is a crucial point in your life and, if you show more patience and perseverance, the tide will soon turn in your favour. The Strength card reversed is encouraging you to focus more on yourself and to work on your self-esteem. Things will soon change for the better…

Cancer Love Horoscope

It is a day filled with fun, laughter, hugs and lots of love today. It is a good time to tell your partner everything you have been longing to tell. Tell about the way he/she make you feel, how special you think their laugh is, and get into the mood for a very sappy romantic movie marathon.

Instead of dressing up and going out, why not stay in and cuddle up together? After all, that way both of you would feel connected again. Avoid watching movies which might make you two stray near the waters into dangerous territories.

You can expect only happiness from your partner’s side. He/she will be extra caring and attentive towards you today. Avoid wondering whether that is because of something bad. Your partner simply has the time today to really take care of you, and that is what he/she is going to do today.

Do not be surprised if he/she gave you surprise hugs from behind you. Both of you will be in the mood to try out something new today. So if there’s something you have been dying to try, today is the best day to go after that. Your partner will readily agree to it.

Ghosts of your past might come calling today. Do not worry about that, because it will make you realize how much you love your partner. Your partner will surprise you today.

Lucky Colors: Beige, White, Grey, Maroon and Silver
Lucky Numbers: 8, 18, 23 and 50