Capricorn Love and Tarot Horoscope – Friday, June 05, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will feel the urge to turn everything upside down and make drastic changes in your life! You will find yourself in a risk-taking mood and will be unwilling to pursue your goals by playing it safe and steady; you will be tempted to take the quick and easy path to success. Your overenthusiasm and impulsiveness will lead you to make mistakes, and your ill-advised actions will threaten the stability of your life. Make sure you listen carefully to the advice you will be given by someone who cares deeply about you.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the reversed Temperance card. When this card arrives upside-down, it warns of failure to apply the qualities of Temperance. You and your lover waste time blaming each other rather than finding solutions. You have too strong an attachment to the status quo. The upside-down Temperance card suggests that there is still time to heal or salvage a situation. The relationship must grow or die. Change requires a flexible, open-minded attitude. Accept that old patterns no longer serve the relationship. Try something new. Act quickly, because when the card shows up in its reversed position, time may be running out. The situation is in danger of turning stagnant or toxic. FbeFor single people, this card suggests weariness with the dating process. Consider whether you repeat the same self-defeating patterns in looking for love. Try dating someone different from your usual type.

Daily career tarot

Your desires are coming true. Your success, your accomplishments and the fulfillment of your expectations are filling you with unprecedented joy and satisfaction. Your financial problems are coming to an end and you are gradually recovering from the career setbacks you encountered. Your progress and growth are opening up new horizons for you. A business trip will further contribute to your success. Your life is finally back on track and progressing at a faster and more satisfactory pace.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

You need to think over your definition of love to understand why you always feel that the great passion is eluding you. You need to understand that before you can love anybody else in a constructive way, you need to love yourself.

You are going to devote considerable time and energy today to deal with some problem that is affecting your partner. This problem is likely to be of an emotional nature.

You are going to be intelligent, empathetic and creative in offering the solution, but you are not going to feel any sense of liberation for having solved the problems of your partner.

This is because while you are concentrating on the problems of your partner, you are neglecting to address the deep emotional issues that are affecting you. You need to turn your attention towards your own emotions now in order to enjoy a healthy romantic relationship.

Your partner is more than ready to help you deal with your problems, but you have made it a practice to shut out him / her. As a result, your partner is feeling somewhat wary of broaching the subject again. Instead, your partner has directed constructive energies to solve his / her own problems.

Once you express your readiness to address your emotional issues, you are going to receive help and encouragement from your partner. But it is you who will have to take the first step. This may not seem easy at first, but once you start the process, it will prove to be therapeutic.

Lucky color: Orange, scarlet, rust
Lucky number: 6, 9, 21