Capricorn Love and Tarot Horoscope – Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will make a new start in your life, and it will fill you with great satisfaction and vigour. You are ready to take action to remove all the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. Your overpowering self-confidence, along with your ability to take full advantage of your strengths, will ensure that your desires for creativity and change are satisfied! There will be many people who will rely on your help, and you will readily offer them your wholehearted support. A past failure is very likely to evolve into a future success. The Magician’s message to you is: “The only person in control of your life is you; you can make all your dreams come true, as long as you remember that everything depends on the limits you set on yourself”!

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot deck’s card for today is the Hermit. Drawing this card suggests a need for introspection. Periods of honest personal reflection by both partners help sustain a healthy relationship. You and your lover may benefit from more time apart. This card can remind you and your lover to praise each other’s good qualities rather than criticizing flaws. You want your relationship to become more spiritual. If you are single, this card signals a time to examine your romantic desires. Instead of continuing to search for a partner, re-evaluate what you want in a relationship. The Hermit can represent someone who feels self-sufficient, uninterested in romance. The Hermit’s appearance can sometimes portend an encounter with a past love. These kind of meetings rarely resurrect an old love. Instead, the encounter offers insight into why the relationship failed.

Daily career tarot

Your mind is overflowing with plans and ideas, but you are going through a period of instability in your professional and financial life. You are constantly faced with delays and obstacles, and things are not going as desired. You are refusing to acknowledge the current state of your career and to make a realistic assessment of your situation. Keep in mind that the more we try to ignore our problems, the bigger they get. Do not let your indecisiveness and lack of courage prevent you from improving your professional and financial status.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Today is a day of introspection. All of a sudden you are questioning your adequacy of being with your partner. You are in awe of your partner and think very highly of him/her. That is no reason why you should think little of yourself. You and your partner are perfect for each other and are meant to be.

Your partner thinks the world of you. As the day continues, his/her love for you grows more intense and he/she cannot wait to meet you and discuss what his/her future plans with you are. You can expect constant phone calls today as them miss you and cannot wait for your day to end so that he/she can meet you.

You and your partner have set on a glorious path together. Your understanding is one that is very rare and perfect. You and your partner are very dedicated to each other and are always ready to take the step forward.

Do not worry about how you two measure up to each other as you two are doing perfectly fine and in fact, have a wonderful and secure future ahead. All it requires is love, trust and a sense of confidence in the relationship. Be confident of yourselves as perfect for each other.

Spend today in a manner befitting the occasion. Instead of inviting others to spend the day with you, spend it with each other. Talk and confide in each other of your fears as you two are the support of each other.

Lucky colors – plum, raspberry red
Lucky numbers – 2, 14, 21, 35