Capricorn Love Horoscope for Monday, February 22, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The period lying ahead of you will be characterised by joy, vitality and creativity! It will have a revitalising effect on every aspect of your life (career, finances, family, romantic relationships). You will be driven by a fervent desire for personal development and growth, and will let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions. You will look at certain matters from a different perspective, adopt a new mindset and make a fresh start in your life. You will be filled with passion and joie de vivre, and will be extremely generous to those around you – both materially and emotionally. The support you will offer to other people, as well as the support you will receive from them, will give you strength. The Empress’ message to you is: “Set your creativity free, put your ideas into practice, express your love freely; know that a new path is opening up before you, and it will be nothing but a pleasure for you to travel it”!

Love Tarot Card

The shuffling of the love tarot deck today yields the Devil card reversed. In this instance, the reversed card offers a gentler message than the upright card. When the Devil appears in a reversed position, you have heeded the warnings in time to escape a dire situation. Perhaps you and your partner decide to end a cycle of arguments through a trial separation. You recognize your addiction and take steps to cope with it. You finally realize that the ex-lover whom you think about constantly is unworthy of your time. The reversed Devil card reminds you that a humbling defeat or painful decision frees you to make a fresh start. Extricating yourself from the Devil can endow you with hard-won wisdom. However, the Devil Reversed card means you’re not out of the woods yet. You still remain in the Devil’s shadow. No fairy godparent or cavalry will come to your rescue. You have to rely on your own deliberate, sustained efforts to keep you free.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a period of stability in your professional life and are managing your finances with competence and prudence. Your efforts are starting to bear fruit. You have put your personal life aside in order to fully devote yourself to your career, and this will help you attain the financial ease you have been aspiring to. Your creativity and clarity of thought will help you make mature decisions that will prove crucial for your future. Trust your instinct and pay great attention to your dreams, as they will be very significant.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Today is a perfect day to not to do anything laborious. Enjoy doing the little things in life with your partner. Like listening to the birds chirping outside the window, or just cooking something imaginative for your special someone.

Today would be the best day to make a romantic dessert for your dearly beloved. After all, these are the little ways to show him/her that you really care and appreciate. Avoid picking quarrels today, because it would only dispel the romantic mood which has already been manifested for the both of you already.

It is perfectly normal to expect your partner to do something equally special for you. Because once you show him/her how much they mean to you, he/she will want to show you how much you are appreciated as well.

You both are going to enjoy a very loving day today and it would be the perfect day for you two, without having to do anything out of the ordinary. Your partner will be deeply impressed by your impromptu romantic cooking skills. In fact, you both might realize that you share a common hobby: your passion for baking perhaps.

Instead of going out for that coffee date, we suggest bringing the coffee date home to you. Make yourselves two steaming mugs of cappuccino or do something daring, by making cold coffee, to go along with your desserts.

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Lucky Numbers: 11, 16, 30 and 43