Capricorn Love Horoscope for Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The Devil card reversed indicates that you are entering a period in your life that will be dominated by feelings of confusion and indecisiveness. You will be having a hard time sorting out your goals. You will find yourself in an impasse and won’t be open to ideas that could help you escape from it. You will be in a risk-taking mood and make mistakes you will later regret. Beware of lies and potential hurtful revelations.

Love Tarot Card

Today the love tarot deck gives us the Strength card reversed. The card’s upright position conveys an equilibrium between strength and sensitivity, but the reversed card reveals an imbalance. You or your partner may succumb to your addictions or shadow side. The levels of power in your relationship appear mismatched. One of you behaves like a bully; the other person feels like a victim. Ego and pride create barriers between the two of you. You quarrel over money issues. Rather than dealing with a relationship issue in a mature way, you either hide from it or lash out in anger. Your resentment towards your ex-lover prevents you from finding a new romance. In order to avoid being single, you settle for a lover you don’t respect.
Daily career tarot

You are entering a period of welcome changes in your professional and financial life. You will find yourself at a crossroads and will have to choose which way to go. Thanks to your ability to apply sound judgement, you will make the right choice. Your decision will have a revitalising effect on your career and finances. The radical transformation of your life will arm you with strength and self-confidence and will lead you to the career of your dreams! You will reconsider some of your career choices and, guided by your judiciousness, you will put your life in order.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Love is in the air. You and your partner have been waiting for this day in a long time. You and your partner have been together for a decent duration of time in which you have come to know, accept and loved each other for whom and what he/she is. Today is a very lucky day when anything you wish for or attempt to do for the benefit of your love life will come true.

You are of a very calm and composed nature. Everything you do has its consequences and you believe and abide by that rule. Your partner is of a golden heart but tends to get carried away with his/her dreams and desires. Through this you two strike a balance which is very good and healthy for a relationship as you two handle each other well.

Today is a day for big decisions. Go ahead and speak your heart out and indulge in the activities you wish to, today. While at it, the stars send a word of caution towards unwanted affections. There is someone in the background who might show undesirable attentions towards you or your partner.

Pay no heed and focus on each other. The trust you two share is what makes your bond unbreakable. Therefore, put all your trust in each other and have a wonderful and memorable day. A candlelight dinner or a walk in the park would be a great idea.

Lucky colors – white, puff blue
Lucky numbers – 2, 11, 27, 34, 41