Gemini Love and Tarot Horoscope – Monday, April 20, 2020

Daily tarot reading,

You are about to enter a period of happiness and fulfillment in your life. You will attain emotional balance and feel confident in yourself. You will be forced to make some crucial decisions, but they will turn out to be extremely beneficial for you. You will make the right choices and will be given the opportunity to make a new start in your life, which will fill you with hope and joy. Guided by your spontaneity and vitality, you will follow your heart and experience a sense of contentment. You will get over your anxiety, your wounds will heal, and the impossible will become possible!

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the Hanged Man. The themes of this card include service, sacrifice and waiting. Your relationship enters a period of suspended animation, perhaps because of geographic distance. The Hanged Man emphasizes the need to integrate an unselfish, spiritual perspective into relationships. Practice seeing things from your lover’s point of view. Injury, illness or unemployment dictates that one of you must take care of the other soon. Let go of false ideals which prevent you from accepting your partner as a vulnerable, fallible human being. If you are single, look for a partner who in a less materialistic setting. Meditation class or volunteer work may yield more results than dating apps and bars. Learn not to view people you date as makeover projects. Surrender your anxiety about finding a mate. Alter your perspective on dating, love and romance.

Daily career tarot

Your professional and financial life has stagnated. You are having a hard time coping with the obstacles you have encountered. You feel like your efforts are going to waste – but this is not true. This period is a test for you; it is meant to motivate you to fight even harder for your dreams! Don’t give up; you are very close to achieving your goals, so you have to keep trying. You will be intimidated by the changes you will be faced with, but the developments that are about to take place in your professional life will teach you a very important lesson: No pain, no gain.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You have been thinking too much about the status of your relationship. You have also been feeling worried about what your partner have been thinking and you feel that your partner may be on the verge of breaking off things with you. The fact is that you cannot do anything about the future or influence your partner’s feelings in any way.

Chances are high that you have misread the signals that your partner is sending you. Instead of worrying about this, plan on doing some activities that you enjoy doing together. Revealing your feelings of confusion can actually affect your partner today.

Your over analysis of the situation is sending confusing signals to your partner. He / she are completely confident of his / her feelings for you and have no inkling that you doubt the commitment that your partner brings to this relationship. Your partner is probably planning the next step of the relationship and taking it to a new level.

Your doubts and confusions will create doubts in the mind of your partner where none exists and this can come as a rude shock. On the other hand, planning your favorite couple activities will reassure your partner about your commitments. So, put your doubts to one side and plan some vigorous outdoor activities that you both enjoy.

Lucky color: Purple, green, brown.
Lucky number: 17, 48, 26