Gemini Love and Tarot Horoscope – Monday, June 08, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will find yourself feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. You won’t lose hope, though; you will do everything in your power to make your desires a reality. However, you will often tend to let your emotions override your reason and to act impulsively, and you will sometimes have difficulty controlling your temper. You are very likely to get into quarrels, attempt to deceive someone or resort to lies to get your way. You will fail to maintain the stability of your life and to reap the fruit of your efforts. You will have to try to behave in a prudent, rational manner in order to avoid doing things you will later regret.

Love Tarot Card

The reversed Tower card was pulled from the love tarot deck today. An upside-down Tower instructs you not to rely on escapism and denial. You may unconsciously perceive that your there is trouble lurking beneath the surface of your relationship. Yet you fear facing the facts. The reversed Tower card warns you that this situation cannot last for long. The lightning strike will cause more damage if you try to hide from or delay it. Sometimes this card appears up after a dramatic Tower experience. This indicates that you are still feeling the effects of the shake-up. Give yourself time to heal from the pain. Permit yourself time to mourn. However, remember the importance of integrating the lessons the lightning strike delivered. You have an opportunity now to transform your life. You can create something much stronger than what formerly existed.

Daily career tarot

The Justice card reversed indicates that you feel disappointed because your career and finances have been thrown out of balance. You’re having difficulty cooperating with other people and feel like nobody is on your side. Someone will do you wrong, and this will make you lose your trust in them. Before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a guilty verdict, though, you should carefully consider whether things turned out the way they did because of you. Seeing that you currently have a tendency to deny responsibility for your actions and to blame others for your own mistakes, you’re likely to do or say things that will prove costly in the future.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You and your partner are having a bit of a tight spot with understandings. You have recently entered a relationship and although you were friends before, you do not understand what has become different.

Although according to you, friendship brings a deep meaning to life, maybe deeper than love, right now you feel things are going awry. Never mind. It is all new and the stars have come today to explain the situation.

You and your partner need to realize the difference between friendship and love. Friendship is deep, but love is friendship with responsibilities. You two need to identify the responsibilities.

More than partners, you are two friends with a deeper understanding of each other than anybody else has of you two. Therefore, take some time off and get to know each other better, his/her life and expectations. Instead of always searching place to hang out, opt for a quiet activity which requires the both of you to focus on each other.

Today is a good day to start. Meet up for a cup of coffee. It will be better if the coffee is home made. Talk and communicate well with each other.

Therefore, if you are cheerful today, it will have a positive impact on the rest of your life. Fill the day with fun and excitement and step into the future. After all, the two of you are a rare and lucky couple. Everything will be awesome.

Lucky colors – cobalt blue, fir green
Lucky numbers -6, 13, 21, 31, 42