Gemini Love and Tarot Horoscope – Saturday, June 06, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The problems and setbacks you have encountered lately have disappointed and discouraged you. Your mind is filled with pessimistic thoughts and you feel like all hope is gone, but the truth is that the only thing currently missing from your life is faith in yourself and your abilities. It all depends on you and how you will choose to handle things. Don’t give up; this is a crucial point in your life and, if you show more patience and perseverance, the tide will soon turn in your favour. The Strength card reversed is encouraging you to focus more on yourself and to work on your self-esteem. Things will soon change for the better…

Love Tarot Card

The Chariot card arrives today in a reversed position. This card’s appearance can point to one person in a relationship imposing their decisions on their partner. The upside-down Chariot can also mean a loss of self-control. Someone or something other than yourself is in the driver’s seat right now. You feel as if your relationship has been hijacked. One or both partners make decisions based on anger and selfishness rather than compassion and love. It’s also possible that you have steered off-course in order to avoid a confrontation. Or you overreact to a minor problem. Your Chariot may be drifting, in danger of crashing, because both of you have fallen asleep at the wheel. For single people hoping for romance, this card can reveal that the object of your infatuation does not want commitment. Sometimes the Chariot highlights the conflict between a stated goal, such as finding a lover, and actions which undermine that goal.

Daily career tarot

You are worn out by your sacrifices and efforts and feel like you cannot take it anymore; you want to break free from the restraints imposed on you. You went through a period during which you were forced to discipline yourself and to arduously pursue professional and financial goals you eventually did not manage to achieve. You believe you did everything you could and feel like giving up trying. You are on the verge of letting everything fall apart. As the song goes, “I want to break free”! However, you have to be very careful and to try to keep your impulsiveness under control. You are one step away from fulfilling a goal you have put a lot of time and effort into pursuing; it would be a shame to let it all go down the drain.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Today is an extremely hectic day. Romance seems hard to get, but it is worth the effort. Although there is a cartload of work in front of you, you cannot find the mood to do it.

Everything you do seem to remind you of your partner and the memories associated with the event. Even in meetings or discussions, you cannot seem to focus on the issue at hand. In fact, you cannot wait for the day to get over so that you can meet your beloved.

Your partner on the other hand is so neck deep in work that he/she cannot spare time to think about you. But he/she is desperately waiting for the day to get over so that he/she can meet you. Today has a warning though.

Today has been a hectic day for the both of you. Therefore, avoid talking about work however difficult the day has been. There is a chance of tempers rising. While at it, you may refrain from issues that may get you worked up.

The day seems tiring with a note of happiness at the end as that is when you shall meet up. Although you two shall be tired, seeing each other will definitely make it all go away.

The tip of the day is to be around fire. It may be a bonfire or a simple candle flame. The fire will burn away all the day’s problems and kindle the romance in you.

Lucky colors – crimson red, swamp green
Lucky numbers – 3, 8, 11, 25, 33