Gemini Love and Tarot Horoscope Sunday, April 26, 2020

Daily tarot reading

There will be changes in your life that will stress you out and force you to focus your attention on bringing things back into balance. You will have to accept your new reality, come to terms with a situation that will be unpleasant to you, and find a way out of your impasse. You will make sacrifices so as to get your life back in order. Make sure you keep a tight rein on your ego and pay more attention to certain matters. Once this period is behind you, you will become self-reliant and gain control of your life!

Love Tarot Card

The Devil card emerges today from the love tarot deck. This card portrays some kind of trap. Your relationship feels like a prison. You see no possibility of either change or escape. You and/or your partner have become entangled in debt or addiction. One or both of you feel chained to a job you hate. Perhaps you and your spouse are locked in a pattern of endless arguments. Sometimes this card symbolizes an obsession with somebody unavailable. In any of these situations, the result is the same–you feel powerless. Yet, if you look at the image of the Devil card, you see the chains are loose enough to permit escape. In most situations, the Devil card represents only the illusion of imprisonment. You can extricate yourself, but the cure could feel as devastating as the disease. If you face crippling debt, you have to declare bankruptcy. Whatever the problem is, you will have to surrender the façade that everything is OK.

Daily career tarot

You are trying to put your business and financial affairs in order. Your willingness to set a schedule and stick to it, combined with your determination, vigour, patience and persistence, is helping you accomplish your goals, no matter how difficult they may be to achieve. You are actively pursuing a better professional and financial future, and your efforts are paying off. Your passion and enthusiasm for your work are helping you advance. Success may not be coming easy, but there are people in your life who are supporting you in your endeavours. Take advantage of the promising period lying ahead of you by putting your plans into action.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You and your partner believe in romance as a sense of thrill in life. More than anything else, you two feel your love life should never go slow; be still or according to you, boring.

Every day, you and your partner get together to plan how to make the day exciting. Each day is in competition to be more happening. Today, the stars have sent a message to you to hold your horses and take it easy.

Maybe life is a rollercoaster ride, but it doesn’t become when you realize the baggage you need to carry. It is not always going to be a bed of roses at the pace you are going. But if you realize the lesson the stars want to give you today, your relationship will be a beautiful experience of life.

Instead of making it hot and happening, try to spend some quiet time alone, talking and understanding each other. Go for a walk together. There is always time to have fun. But there are some moments that bring an instant connection and leave a spark in the relationship.

Therefore, take the day off and make it an intimate day for the two of you. Relax in each other’s company and talk at length. A mug of coffee would be great.

Light a scented candle or incense with a very subtle fragrance as it will keep the mind fresh. After all, romance itself is an adventure which lasts for life.

Lucky colors – moccasin, dark violet
Lucky numbers –9, 12, 18, 21