Gemini Love and Tarot Horoscope Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will feel the desire to study, to expand your spiritual horizons and to enrich your knowledge and experience. You will build a solid foundation for your future. Before you accomplish the goals you will set out to pursue, you will have difficulty making decisions and will be in need of support and guidance. Someone very important to you will be by your side and help you make the right decisions. There will be developments in your life that will help you grow and acquire further experience. You will reflect on your past and regret some of the decisions you have made. You will resolve to do everything in your power to reverse a negative situation and will indeed succeed in doing so.

Love Tarot Card

The Strength card emerges from the shuffling of the tarot deck cards today. The Strength card indicates a period when you experience sunny optimism and confidence. It also often signals a period of sexual intensity. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner make each other purr with pleasure. Single folks draw admirers effortlessly. A flirtation quickly escalates into passion. The appearance of the Strength card also highlights an opportunity to settle a conflict with your partner. The two of you are more likely to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise now. Love helps both of you evolve into kinder, more patient people. You forgive your lover for some past mistake. You receive a new job offer, a promotion or some type of award. A sense of inner strength makes it easier for you to open your heart, letting your partner see your vulnerability.

Daily career tarot

This period signals the end of a chapter in your career and the beginning of a new one, which will be full of hope and renewed vitality. An unpleasant situation that has been troubling you, upsetting you and wearing you out is now coming to an end, thus filling you with relief. A weight is being lifted off your shoulders! You have to come to terms with the changes taking place in your professional and financial life and to look at the future with confidence and optimism; keep in mind that every end is a new beginning. The period lying ahead of you will prove extremely fulfilling and leave no room for nostalgia. You will redefine your life and rid it of all that is worthless or meaningless.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Today is a good time for action. You have been making a lot of promises to your partner in the past. Today is a day to start putting them into action. You two are in love and it is a good idea to make a few compromises for each other.

The both of you are different individuals with different aims in life. Your mutual love and understanding for each other is what attracts you two.

Therefore, even a slight disturbance can threaten the bond. There will be undue attention from a person of the opposite sex. But, be firm.

To discourage the hindrance, be firm if necessary. At the end of the day it is the bond between you and your partner which transcends all odds to make it last.

Today calls for more attention to your relationship. For those planning on marriage, it is better to take time off on that and focus on your relationship instead.

Both of you have been concealing facts from each other. Today might be a good day to be frank with each other. Although, you need not be too open or disclose uncomfortable facts. A little tact would be a good idea.

You are a fast paced individual who wants things to happen as you think them up. Your partner, on the other hand prefers to take things slow and wait for the opportune moment. Both of you need to arrive at a common understanding. Therefore, today would be a great day to talk things out.

Lucky colors – turquoise blue, goldenrod
Lucky numbers – 1, 10, 32, 47