Gemini Love Horoscope for Monday, September 27, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The period lying ahead of you will be characterised by joy, vitality and creativity! It will have a revitalising effect on every aspect of your life (career, finances, family, romantic relationships). You will be driven by a fervent desire for personal development and growth, and will let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions. You will look at certain matters from a different perspective, adopt a new mindset and make a fresh start in your life. You will be filled with passion and joie de vivre, and will be extremely generous to those around you – both materially and emotionally. The support you will offer to other people, as well as the support you will receive from them, will give you strength. The Empress’ message to you is: “Set your creativity free, put your ideas into practice, express your love freely; know that a new path is opening up before you, and it will be nothing but a pleasure for you to travel it”!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Sun. Get ready to shine. Your physical attractiveness, charm, wit or other talents earn admiration. Your confidence and enthusiasm open doors for you today. If you’re already in a relationship, your lover finds you irresistible. If you’re single, you collect several new admirers. Your heightened powers of perception enable you to eliminate potential suitors unworthy of your time. You feel electrically charged, filled with abundant physical and mental energy. Your mind grows sharper. Clouds of self-doubt disappear. This enables you to approach new people with more confidence. If you previously felt insecure in your relationship, now you feel assured of your personal power. If your lover oversteps the line, you calmly remind him or her that you deserve respect. You plan a romantic vacation together to someplace where you can bask in the sun.

Daily career tarot

The World card indicates that your professional and financial success is guaranteed. Your thirst for professional prestige and financial security will finally be satisfied. You will excel in your career and build a solid foundation for your future; your accomplishments will fill you with satisfaction and happiness. You will be rewarded for your patience. The period lying ahead of you signals the beginning of a very promising chapter in your career. Things will be going so well that you will often feel like you are living in a dream – and yet it will all be real. You will soon go on a business trip that will be financially profitable.

Gemini Love Horoscope

The stars feel you need a break. The same schedule has been going on for quite a while and has now become a routine. Because it allows you to focus on everything else, you prefer the routine. But the time calls on you to be a little less selfish and consider the feelings of your partner who expects a lot from you.

You and your partner are pretty similar in nature except for some minor traits. You are of a focused mindset and prefer to deal with situations in front of you. As it is work which is in front of you, it has been difficult to pay attention to the romantic part of your life.

Therefore, you prefer to give your best on the task you are right now focusing on. But the truth is that you and your partner share a connection. What you are doing is affecting your partner. As he/she is very quiet and calm, he/she does not say anything, but it can be expected to sting.

Therefore, it is a good idea to wake up to this fact and make it up to your partner. After all, he/she has stuck by you through thick and thin. It is time to repay him/her. Take the day off and take your partner.

Treat him/her to his/her favorite food and shopping places. Splurge on him/her. The happiness you give your partner today will have a significant and profound impact on your love life.

Lucky colors – opal, jade green
Lucky numbers – 2, 14, 26, 31