Gemini Love Horoscope for Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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You want to make certain changes in your life, but you haven’t thought things through. Most of your plans are unfeasible because they are not based on reason. You will get carried away by your emotions and indulge in unattainable fantasies. The immature and mindless way in which you will handle certain matters will impede your progress. The Lovers card reversed would advise you to organise your thoughts, prioritise your desires and make sure you have carefully considered the pros and cons of every available course of action before making any decisions. Let reason hold the reins!

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the High Priestess. The High Priestess counsels you to listen more deeply to your intuition. Your inner wisdom, rather than the advice of friends, will help you find romantic fulfillment. Pay attention to your dreams– they might harbor messages to guide you. This is a period of nesting and retreat. Couples benefit from time spent alone together rather than socializing with others. If you are single, remember to nurture and pamper yourself. Self-care gives you a burnished glow which makes others find you more attractive. If your love life is unsatisfying, pay attention to your home, especially the bedroom. Clutter can act as a deterrent to romance. Create a space which feels like a welcoming, romantic retreat. Beware of sounding demanding or needy when talking with your lover. An aura of reserve and self-sufficiency enhances your allure.

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You are worn out by your sacrifices and efforts and feel like you cannot take it anymore; you want to break free from the restraints imposed on you. You went through a period during which you were forced to discipline yourself and to arduously pursue professional and financial goals you eventually did not manage to achieve. You believe you did everything you could and feel like giving up trying. You are on the verge of letting everything fall apart. As the song goes, “I want to break free”! However, you have to be very careful and to try to keep your impulsiveness under control. You are one step away from fulfilling a goal you have put a lot of time and effort into pursuing; it would be a shame to let it all go down the drain.

Gemini Love Horoscope

A new romantic phase is approaching. Before it become effective, your planetary positions are such that you do not want to carry on any baggage in your relationship to the next few days. You will have an urge to bring every issue out in the open.

You feel that the baggage is actually hampering your chances of enjoying a truly fulfilling relationship and you are not wrong in this regard.

You want to clear out everything – be it the physical clutter that has been creating negative energy in your space or the mental clutter that has accumulated over the years. You want to enjoy the love and companionship of your partner to the fullest extent. So, you want to get rid of any emotions that may affect this.

Unbeknownst to you, your partner is also feeling something similar. So, when you unburden yourself and lay out the propositions in front of your partner, expect the gesture to be reciprocated.

Your partner too is feeling that there is a lot of clutter in the relationship and it would be better enjoyed if these could be gotten rid of. So, you too are going to hear a lot about the feelings and aspirations of your partner.

You may also learn something about the past of your partner that leaves you feeling amazed and a little conflicted. Open and honest communication is urgently needed in order to help your relationship progress in your desired path.

Lucky color: brown, blue, pink
Lucky number: 5, 8, 97