Leo Love and Tarot Horoscope – Sunday, May 24, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The period lying ahead of you will be characterised by joy, vitality and creativity! It will have a revitalising effect on every aspect of your life (career, finances, family, romantic relationships). You will be driven by a fervent desire for personal development and growth, and will let nothing stand in the way of your ambitions. You will look at certain matters from a different perspective, adopt a new mindset and make a fresh start in your life. You will be filled with passion and joie de vivre, and will be extremely generous to those around you – both materially and emotionally. The support you will offer to other people, as well as the support you will receive from them, will give you strength. The Empress’ message to you is: “Set your creativity free, put your ideas into practice, express your love freely; know that a new path is opening up before you, and it will be nothing but a pleasure for you to travel it”!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot deck yields the Fool card in a reversed position. When the Fool arrives upside-down, remember to look before you leap. Otherwise, you might fall flat on your derriere! Today’s theme is caution. Avoid making hasty decisions. They may come back to haunt you later. Double-check any emails or texts before hitting send. Impulsive or careless communication can result in problems between you and your lover. Soberly review past romantic missteps and consider how to avoid repeating them. The universe might offer a buffet of temptations to trick you into embarrassing mistakes today. If your sexy yet unreliable ex-lover sends you a text, don’t reply. Sometimes this card suggests childishly selfish behavior. Don’t insist that your lover skip work to satisfy your notions of spontaneity. This card can also mean Peter Pan-like person unwilling to have an adult relationship.

Daily career tarot

The Tower card reversed is helping you escape the dead end you have reached. After a period full of stress, anxiety and endless dilemmas, the time has come for you to make radical changes in your life and actively pursue a better professional and financial future! You are putting all that is stagnant behind you and making a fresh start, without fear or hesitation. You will put a definitive END to a problematic situation, and although it will initially upset you, it will eventually turn out to be the best decision you could ever have made.

Leo Love Horoscope

It is a day of memories. You want to go back in the past and relive all the good memories. At the same time, you would like to fix the mistakes you have made. But today tells you to learn from the past and move ahead.

In love, we all make mistakes. But these mistakes are the same ones which make us interact and know our partner better. Therefore, use the past to cherish your present and make your relationship much stronger than it was.

Your partner is in a different state of mind. He/she is planning big decisions with you and will want to discuss them with you. Be prepared for surprises that come your way. It might be a good idea to spoil yourself for your partner, groom yourself and be prepared.

This will floor your partner! While you are on this, take some token of appreciation or gift for your partner to show them how much you care for them and love them. Flowers will add more flavor to the occasion.

Today will be a good day to involve family into your decisions. Everything seems to be in your favor and all will turn out for the best! There might be minor hiccups today.

But do not dwell on them as they are accidental and do not have any impact on your love life whatsoever. Instead, as the day calls for it, rely on the sweet memories to make the day special.

Lucky colors – orange, Lawn green
Lucky numbers – 6, 13, 19, 29, 45