Leo Love and Tarot Horoscope – Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to enter a period of introspection in your life; you will feel the need to reconsider past decisions, organise your thoughts and prioritise your desires. You may decide to temporarily withdraw from your social circles in order to achieve personal balance. You will regain your inner strength, put certain matters into perspective and become wiser. Your intuition will reach its peak and help you in your decisions. Trust your instinct and pay great attention to your dreams, as they will be very significant. The High Priestess’ message to you is that all the answers you are seeking are within you; all you have to do is find them.

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Emperor. This card highlights the issue of maturity in love relationships. You and your partner now move toward building a more solid foundation together. This may mean creating a budget for your household, opening a joint savings account, or having a serious discussion about emotional boundaries. You decide to shed a bad habit for the sake of the relationship. For single people, this card can mean you have attained gained enough wisdom to have an evolved, adult relationship. Sometimes this card signals a romance with someone a bit older, who offers you a sense of security and stability. This person may be a bit older than you. This card can also mean you slowly develop an appreciation for the qualities of maturity and structure. You turn away from impulsively formed relationships. You lose interest in people who behave rebelliously.

Daily career tarot

You are at a crucial point in your professional and financial life. You will have to give careful consideration to all aspects of the situation and make an important decision about your future. You are well aware of the fact that you have to make a new start in your career and find an occupation that will also be financially more rewarding than your current one, but you feel pessimistic and intimidated by the future. You are clinging to the past and the present, and this is holding you back from pursuing your ambitions. You will have to overcome your insecurities and put a definitive END to a partnership that is standing in the way of your personal progress.

Leo Love Horoscope

You need to relax otherwise the feeling of being guilty will consume you. You will get another chance today to make up for you follies. You can gab well and that is why you are mistaken to be a flirt while you may be just expressing a genuine concern for the welfare of opposite sex.

But honesty and loyalty are your forte, which will get noticed today and you will receive accolades for it in the form of romance and pleasure. All the rewards will come to you from your partner.

You have to focus on being little less sensitive or rather focus on being sensitive to issues which aim to bring a good change in your lifestyle.

Surprisingly today you will be able to communicate directly to the innermost thoughts of your partner. Actually you have been trying hard to strive for this and today your efforts will come into force and you will be portraying your love in the most pleasant way!

There is no time machine existent so you certainly cannot go back in past and change your romantic errors. You too need to realize this and make your partner understand this as well.

You have to live with it, everyone has to face such things in life so just stop regretting the past. And if you do not press it hard then along with the healing of the wound, the marks will vanish away soon.

Lucky colors: pale blue, cream white and vista blue.
Lucky numbers: 3, 44, 67, 90