Leo Love Horoscope for Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your goals will be accomplished. The World card indicates that your thirst for success will finally be satisfied. You will enjoy the fruit of your efforts. Your dreams will be fulfilled, thus filling you with utter bliss, contentment and enthusiasm. The period lying ahead of you signals the beginning of a very promising chapter in your life. Things will be going so well that you will often feel like you are living in a dream – and yet it will all be real! You will soon go on a trip that will help you decompress and recharge your batteries.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the reversed Death card. The card comes to us in its reversed position when we have failed to heed an earlier message of approaching Death. When this card appears, it is futile to fight change. Ask yourself where you are trying to hold back the floodgates. Instead of battling, accept the inevitable. Trying to hold on to a dying relationship will only make the ending more painful. It’s possible you overestimate the severity of the approaching alterations. You break up with your lover, but remain best friends. If you are single, your dating life changes now. You begin to date different kinds of people. Your pool of potential lovers shrinks. The time has arrived for you to cease playing around and find a serious relationship. You discover the hollowness of some illusion you clung to desperately. Circumstances reveal someone’s duplicity.

Daily career tarot

The knowledge, experience and expertise you have acquired will allow you to become self-reliant and excel in your professional life. Your finances have been through considerable ups-and-downs, but are now beginning to stabilise. You may be indecisive with respect to certain professional and financial matters, but there is someone in your life who is offering you their support and guidance. Now you are capable of conducting your business and financial affairs with greater maturity and without making careless mistakes.

Leo Love Horoscope

Today you and your partner will feel great affinity for each other. As a result you two will decide to be together for the most part of the day. Those who have been working together will be able to find ways to sneak out of the office and have a great time with their beloved.

You will be eager to take as many initiatives as possible in order to delight your partner. And to your surprise your partner is equally excited to nurture you with his or her love and care. Your beloved may even present you with your favorite items of utility or take you out for shopping.

This is a great time to please your partner, so you should not miss this chance of convincing your partner for yielding to your wishes. You two had always landed up in a dispute earlier whenever you guys have tried to discuss over certain topics. But today you can argue over those things with your partner and win over him or her, luck in on your side. So strike the iron when it is hot.

However if things seem to go out of control then resort to the mechanism of retreating from the topic and let your partner breathe in some fresh air. Most probably today you can even cast a spell on your partner successfully. All you need to do is to dress in your best attire and just be yourself!

Lucky Colors: Scarlet, mustard, baby pink and florescent red.
Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 13, 20