Leo Love Horoscope for Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your mind is a jumble of thoughts and emotions and, even though you will do everything in your power to make your desires a reality, your efforts will be hindered by numerous difficulties and obstacles. Things will be progressing too slowly and may even stagnate due to the malevolence of other people as well as to your own behaviour. You will be hesitant and torn between desire and reason. You may grow tired and disappointed, but you will have to put your life in order and to sort out your feelings. You will have to reconsider certain things and adapt to your new reality before you can attain emotional balance. Do not hesitate to express your feelings, even if it’s not always easy!

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the High Priestess. The High Priestess counsels you to listen more deeply to your intuition. Your inner wisdom, rather than the advice of friends, will help you find romantic fulfillment. Pay attention to your dreams– they might harbor messages to guide you. This is a period of nesting and retreat. Couples benefit from time spent alone together rather than socializing with others. If you are single, remember to nurture and pamper yourself. Self-care gives you a burnished glow which makes others find you more attractive. If your love life is unsatisfying, pay attention to your home, especially the bedroom. Clutter can act as a deterrent to romance. Create a space which feels like a welcoming, romantic retreat. Beware of sounding demanding or needy when talking with your lover. An aura of reserve and self-sufficiency enhances your allure.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a crisis in your professional and financial life. You feel worn out by your responsibilities and problems, and have withdrawn into yourself in order to regain your inner strength. It is very likely that someone who is jealous of you will try to deceive you in order to get you into trouble. This is not the right time to make career-related or financial decisions.

Leo Love Horoscope

Love is in the air. While you are sitting at work and thinking about your partner, your partner is on the other side of the city and reminiscing the times you have had together. Although there is a whole day to get over before you can meet each other, you cannot wait and the minutes are passing painfully.

You and your partner are very romantic people who sense love in everything and everywhere. Although you two have been in a relationship for a while, every time you see each other, there are butterflies in your stomach.

The thrill you two get when you see each other is the same as the first time you met each other. And today, it is much more than what it was yesterday. Even at work, you are making and rejecting plans for spending your time with your partner today.

Your partner on the other hand may have formulated a surprise for you. You two can expect incessant calls from each other throughout the day.

Although you seem to be having a great day with each other, be aware of certain elements that are out to disrupt your perfect evening together. Avoid hanging out with anyone else other than your partner and go for romantic colors today to help the mood.

Shellfish and chocolate during meals together is a good idea to boost your day. Dancing and candlelight will be good today.

Lucky colors – olive green, mustard yellow
Lucky numbers – 4, 10, 17, 21, 29