Leo Love Horoscope for Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your ego will stand in the way of your personal ambitions. One moment, you will be giving priority to your own needs and completely ignoring those of everyone else; the next, you will be seeking the advice and support of those around you! Your poor judgement will cause you to make mistakes. Some people in your life may attempt to deceive you. Seeing that you will be going through a period of emotional vulnerability, you should try to work on your self-confidence and do as follows: Listen, think, decide and be understanding.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot deck card for today is the Chariot card. This card carries messages of self-assertion, physical energy and passion. The Chariot card motivates you to take the reins of your relationship. This may mean taking the lead se*ually, perhaps trying something new in (or out of) the bedroom. Or you initiate a discussion about emotional commitment, finances, or some other issue. The Chariot card often points to a period when you regain self-control after your shadow side harmed your relationship. If in the past you hesitated to take the next step in your relationship, this card encourages you not to hide your feelings. Like all of the tarot cards, the Chariot can manifest on several levels, ranging from symbolic to literal. Sometimes this card means you and your lover embark on a short trip.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a period in which your professional and financial goals are being fulfilled. You have succeeded in attaining a balanced professional life and feel confident about your future. You will soon make a decision concerning your career and finances that will turn out to be extremely beneficial for you. A new start in your professional life will help you get over your anxiety and insecurities.

Leo Love Horoscope

You and your partner believe in romance as a sense of thrill in life. More than anything else, you two feel your love life should never go slow; be still or according to you, boring. Every day, you and your partner get together to plan how to make the day exciting. Each day is in competition to be more happening. Today, the stars have sent a message to you to hold your horses and take it easy.

Maybe life is a rollercoaster ride, but it doesn’t become when you realize the baggage you need to carry. It is not always going to be a bed of roses at the pace you are going. But if you realize the lesson the stars want to give you today, your relationship will be a beautiful experience of life. Instead of making it hot and happening, try to spend some quiet time alone, talking and understanding each other. Go for a walk together. There is always time to have fun. But there are some moments that bring an instant connection and leave a spark in the relationship.

Therefore, take the day off and make it an intimate day for the two of you. Relax in each other’s company and talk at length. A mug of coffee would be great. Light a scented candle or incense with a very subtle fragrance as it will keep the mind fresh. After all, romance itself is an adventure which lasts for life.

Lucky colors – moccasin, dark violet
Lucky numbers –9, 12, 18, 21