Libra Love and Tarot Horoscope – Friday, May 29, 2020

Daily tarot reading

The hectic pace and the responsibilities of your everyday life have completely disoriented you, and you are currently having difficulty finding time for yourself and your loved ones. You have neglected important aspects of your life and feel isolated and lonely. You have to reconsider some of the choices you have made, because the steep, solitary path you are travelling is of your own choosing. Try to get your impulsiveness under control and prioritise your desires.

Love Tarot Card

The Star card reversed was drawn from the love tarot deck today. The positive messages of the upright Star seem blocked or delayed when the card is upside-down. Life offers you an opportunity for renewal, yet something holds you back. Fear or resentment based on past experiences prevents you from moving forward. Although you see light at the end of the tunnel, your heart feels closed to hope. The reversed Star sometimes means one person seeking to renew a relationship while the other person wants to leave. You feel disoriented by recent painful experiences, uncertain of what to do next. The process of healing happens very slowly. If you are single, you may begin dating someone who is in a recovery program. The two of you both carry scars and feel hesitant about romance. You might decide friendship feels safer than passion right now.

Daily career tarot

You are entering a period of welcome changes in your professional and financial life. You will find yourself at a crossroads and will have to choose which way to go. Thanks to your ability to apply sound judgement, you will make the right choice. Your decision will have a revitalising effect on your career and finances. The radical transformation of your life will arm you with strength and self-confidence and will lead you to the career of your dreams! You will reconsider some of your career choices and, guided by your judiciousness, you will put your life in order.

Libra Love Horoscope

You have been worrying about a secret for some time now which was eating at the heart of your relationship. Well, today is the day of big revelation.

Your efforts will pay off and you will come to discover the secret which was bothering you so much regarding your relationship. However, what you learn now will be completely unexpected and you would not have seen this coming in a million years.

You have been afraid that this secret will probably end your relationship which you prize very much. However, when the secret will be revealed, it will actually remove all doubts from your relationship and make it stronger and more enduring.

You will come to understand the true extent to which your partner is committed to you. But now that you have worried the secret out, the ball is in your court and you need to decide your future course of action with care.

Your partner had only your interest at heart for keeping the secret and he / she have suffered much for this. Be sure to be grateful for so much love.

Your partner may feel a little guilty or even apprehensive about how you will react to the revelation of the secret, but it is now up to you to return the love and consideration that has been shown to you. The removal of this last barrier will strengthen your relationship and this is a good time to formally commit to one another.

Lucky color: mint green, eggplant, copper
Lucky number: 45, 21, 38