Libra Love and Tarot Horoscope Thursday, April 30, 2020

Daily tarot reading

Some unforeseen changes and developments will stand in the way of your desires. Things will not go as expected. You will be forced to adapt to new conditions and will have difficulty keeping things balanced. You will reap what you have sown, as you will be forced to tie up loose ends from the past and to deal with problems you have overlooked and left unresolved. Keep in mind that, even though you will often find yourself feeling unlucky and the period lying ahead of you will not be particularly favourable for you, you will eventually be rewarded for your pains and efforts. You will have to keep fighting and do your best to overcome the obstacles you will encounter.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card for today is the reversed Death card. The card comes to us in its reversed position when we have failed to heed an earlier message of approaching Death. When this card appears, it is futile to fight change. Ask yourself where you are trying to hold back the floodgates. Instead of battling, accept the inevitable. Trying to hold on to a dying relationship will only make the ending more painful. It’s possible you overestimate the severity of the approaching alterations. You break up with your lover, but remain best friends. If you are single, your dating life changes now. You begin to date different kinds of people. Your pool of potential lovers shrinks. The time has arrived for you to cease playing around and find a serious relationship. You discover the hollowness of some illusion you clung to desperately. Circumstances reveal someone’s duplicity.

Daily career tarot

You are making a new start in your professional and financial life, and it is filling you with satisfaction and vigour. You have the ability to overcome every possible obstacle. Your wishes are coming true, and your self-confidence will help you achieve all the goals you will set. There are people in your life who are willing to offer you their support at any given time. Some choices you made in the past with respect to your business and financial affairs may now turn out to have been spot-on. Stay in control of your life and rely on your own strength; your career and finances are on the right track.

Libra Love Horoscope

You two have recently got together. Although you have known each other for quite a while before getting together, you have a lot to explore when it comes to a relationship. There are new responsibilities, new avenues and spending time with each other.

Due to the novelty of the situation, you have been having disagreements too. Well, today the stars send a message to you to sit down, sort it out and get on ahead.

You are a person who gets readily excited. Everything for you is a whirlwind. So, why should romance be left behind? The stars tell you to take it easy.

Instead of planning what to do today, sit down with your partner and spend the day with him/her. Get to know them better, their interests, their hopes and expectations.

Your partner is in the relationship for you, more than the thrill. They would prefer a quiet coffee to going bowling. They want to know more about you so that they can develop more understanding between the two of you. This has led to tiffs between you two lately.

It will be a good idea to do a bit of both. You can spend some time with coffee and interaction and later head off to have some fun together.

Slowly, this will develop into a good and strong bond. After all, you two are meant to be together. Just a little bit of understanding will help a lot in the long run.

Lucky colors – Navy blue, turquoise green
Lucky numbers – 1, 14, 25, 31