Libra Love and Tarot Horoscope Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will feel the urge to turn everything upside down and make drastic changes in your life! You will find yourself in a risk-taking mood and will be unwilling to pursue your goals by playing it safe and steady; you will be tempted to take the quick and easy path to success. Your overenthusiasm and impulsiveness will lead you to make mistakes, and your ill-advised actions will threaten the stability of your life. Make sure you listen carefully to the advice you will be given by someone who cares deeply about you.

Love Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune comes out of the deck upside-down today. When the card of luck and achievement arrives in its reversed position, your plans for happiness fail or are put on hold. Your intended bride or groom breaks off the engagement. Or you have to postpone the wedding due to health or money problems. Pay close attention to timing when the Wheel is reversed. Seemingly unimportant schedule changes point to deeper issues. Your lover arrives late for your dinner date, offering a reasonable excuse. Within the next several days, he or she becomes mysteriously distant and elusive. The reversed Wheel frequently highlights denial or delayed acceptance of some uncomfortable truth. Someone may be holding on to the past or taking refuge in immaturity. You realize you have outgrown a relationship you once thought would last forever.

Daily career tarot

The knowledge, experience and expertise you have acquired will allow you to become self-reliant and excel in your professional life. Your finances have been through considerable ups-and-downs, but are now beginning to stabilise. You may be indecisive with respect to certain professional and financial matters, but there is someone in your life who is offering you their support and guidance. Now you are capable of conducting your business and financial affairs with greater maturity and without making careless mistakes.

Libra Love Horoscope

There is a shroud of secrecy in the air. Add a dash of mischief to the scene too. Your partner is holding something back from you. You do not know what it is and he/she is not telling you. In fact, your partner seems to get a kick out of it. You do not know how to react and do not know whether it is a positive sign or a sign of trouble.

The stars have come to tell you that it is certainly not something to worry about. In fact, it is a promise of something very special. Instead of worrying, cancel all plans you have made prior to this and wait for your partner to tell you something.

Today’s plans are best left to your partner as them have something special in mind for you today. You making plans instead might upset what he/she has in mind. And the stars certainly do not want you to miss what your partner has in store for you.

Your partner is a child at heart who searches fun and wonder in everything there is. You on the other hand, are a more stable person who keeps the relationship grounded.

You two make an extremely endearing and at the same time, a responsible couple. Therefore, you rely on your partner to explore everything in a relationship. Your love and trust in each other adds more spice to the relationship and makes it a beautiful experience to share forever.

Lucky colors – pink, deep sky blue
Lucky numbers – 6, 10, 21, 37