Libra Love Horoscope for Friday, May 07, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The hectic pace and the responsibilities of your everyday life have completely disoriented you, and you are currently having difficulty finding time for yourself and your loved ones. You have neglected important aspects of your life and feel isolated and lonely. You have to reconsider some of the choices you have made, because the steep, solitary path you are travelling is of your own choosing. Try to get your impulsiveness under control and prioritise your desires.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot gives us the Hierophant card today. This card relates to teachings, beliefs, traditions, rituals, and groups. This card can mean the time has arrived for you and your sweetheart to formalize your union with a wedding ceremony. Or it can mean your relationship will benefit from renewing your marriage vows. For people still seeking a partner, the Hierophant advises you to join a group to find someone who shares your beliefs. You might want to consider participating in a group activity at your place or worship, taking a meditation class, or volunteering for a political campaign. The Hierophant card also suggests a need for teaching or guidance. You and your partner might want to seek counseling from a clergyperson or therapist. The card can mean that you now have something to teach your partner (or vice versa).

Daily career tarot

You are keeping your expenses in check and weighing the pros and cons of every situation in order to remain in control of your life. You have adopted a modest attitude and have focused your attention on your career in order to progress. Your fears and insecurities are preventing you from indulging your impulses and repeating past mistakes. Your self-restraint will eventually prove very beneficial for you. Your sacrifices and efforts will be rewarded – both materially and morally. Stay focused on your goals; if you show temperance and take nothing for granted, it will all pay off in the end.

Libra Love Horoscope

You are full of confidence today in every arena and your romantic life is no exception. Your relationship may have recently been passing through a rough patch. If you have been pursuing a person with romantic interest then your courtship was not progressing very satisfactorily till now. However, today a surge of confidence characterizes every thought and action.

You feel powerful and confident enough to overcome the obstacles that had been coming across your path. As a result you can make a gesture or say those things which you had – till now – felt too shy and self conscious to say or do.

Though you have deep feelings, you are a rather introvert person. You have never felt comfortable in talking about your innermost feelings. But today a completely different feeling will pervade your entire being. This display of bravado is going to earn you major points with your partner who has actually begun to doubt the depth of your feelings.

Your partner has always claimed to have a very modern view of relationship and to be unimpressed by the so called caveman tendencies. However, your assertiveness and complete surrender to your feelings cannot help but impress your partner today.

Chances are high that your partner will find that he / she actually likes this confident and even somewhat aggressive stance that you have taken. Your behavior today can redefine your entire relationship in a way which both you and your partner will find to be more satisfying.

Lucky color: purple, navy blue, mauve
Lucky number: 8, 1, 34