Libra Love Horoscope for Saturday, November 28, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to enter a period of introspection in your life; you will feel the need to reconsider past decisions, organise your thoughts and prioritise your desires. You may decide to temporarily withdraw from your social circles in order to achieve personal balance. You will regain your inner strength, put certain matters into perspective and become wiser. Your intuition will reach its peak and help you in your decisions. Trust your instinct and pay great attention to your dreams, as they will be very significant. The High Priestess’ message to you is that all the answers you are seeking are within you; all you have to do is find them.

Love Tarot Card

The reversed Hanged Man is today’s love tarot card. While the card in its upright position suggests voluntary service and temporary waiting, the reversed card feels drained of choice and hope. One of the people in a relationship feels like a martyr, resentfully serving someone who fails to appreciate their efforts. The relationship seems stuck, without any hope of regaining momentum. Addiction and delusion are among the other negative meanings of the Hanged Man. Sometimes the reversed Hanged Man comes up in readings where one partner is deeply in denial, choosing not to see the signs of chemical dependency or a gambling problem. You glue on a pair of rose-colored glasses, refusing to perceive your lover’s lies. This card also suggests the need to move out of passivity, even if that means cutting your losses.

Daily career tarot

Your desires are coming true. Your success, your accomplishments and the fulfillment of your expectations are filling you with unprecedented joy and satisfaction. Your financial problems are coming to an end and you are gradually recovering from the career setbacks you encountered. Your progress and growth are opening up new horizons for you. A business trip will further contribute to your success. Your life is finally back on track and progressing at a faster and more satisfactory pace.

Libra Love Horoscope

There is a lot of scope to impress your partner today. So, plan a romantic day with care and precision. You love your partner, but are often ready to just relax and let him / her take the lead. In all romantic outings, your partner does most of the organizing and arranging.

Set a change of pace today by taking the initiative. Your partner will be reluctant to let you handle everything, but this does not mean that he / she will not appreciate the rest once you manage to convince that you will be able to do the arrangements quite well. Pamper your partner today by taking care of all the arrangements and letting him / her truly relax.

Since you have never shown any flair of organizing even the most cursory romantic evening, it is natural that your partner has no confidence in your abilities to pull off such a grand romantic gesture. However, this does not mean that he / she will not appreciate the efforts that you make.

Actually, your partner may be suffering from work related stress though you have no idea of this. So, the efforts that you put in today will be highly appreciated once your partner really manages to let go and relax. Plan for something simple, yet meaningful which will serve to show your partner how attuned you are to his / her needs. Remember your partner’s favorite food or drink or music to make a touching gesture.

Lucky color: Amber, lemon yellow, yellow ochre.
Lucky number: 34, 12, 87