Love Horoscope – Friday,18. September 2020


You and your partner started your romantic journey from a meaningful friendship. Somewhere down the line, ever since you have got together, the friendship has been forgotten and you two are grappling with new responsibilities.


This period signals the end of a chapter in your life and the beginning of a new one, which will be full of hope and renewed vitality. An unpleasant situation that has been troubling you, upsetting you and wearing you out is now coming to an end, thus filling you with relief.


You and your partner wish to take the relationship on a much more serious level by telling your folks and introducing each other at your respective homes. As the situation has not been favorable in the past to do so, you do not know whether you should.


Creativity is the mantra for today. Instead of trying out the traditional methods of romance and courtship, quirkiness will be extremely well appreciated. The day has an inclination for the unexpected, with even the weather displaying traits of the same.


Today you may feel like bending the truth to give emotional comfort to your beloved. But truth should be said as it is! So be blunt and spill in front of your beloved what all you have in your mind.


Your partner has been in contact with inadvisable company. These people have negative targets which may cause harm to your relationship. You and your partner have been in a stable relationship for quite a while.


The energy from planets will add gratification and peace to your beautiful love life.Both you and your partner will spend the most required and a good amount of time in contemplating about the past and the present.


Today is a lovely day for romance. Everything is rosy and happy. There is a sweet fragrance in the air. Everything sounds good and promising. Although there is a cartload of work, you do not mind because you are counting the moments to when you will be seeing your partner.


The past few days have been turbulent between you two. Whatever the reason was, you two have realized certain differences between you two which you did not realize before. Instead of looking at it as faultfinding, accept it as a learning experience and walk on ahead.


You have been enjoying the joys of being with a special person for some time now, but today you may be suddenly seized with doubts. These rise not from the actions of your partner but from your own actions and beliefs.


You have been forced by circumstances to remain a pillar of strength as your relationship has passed through crisis. Your partner have seen more than his / her share of misfortunes and you have put your own needs in the back and catered to the emotional demands of your partner.


You have been staying in a protected environment and hence you are not much familiar with the way the world works. So this is a kind of small assignment to you where you must first try to learn about the rules and regulations being followed by the society.