Pisces Horoscope – Monday, October 26, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will make a series of unfortunate choices and impulsive decisions that will disrupt your daily routine. Your penchant for risk-taking and adventure will give rise to obstacles that will hinder your personal growth. Your mood swings and emotional ups-and-downs will upset those around you. You will be wholly dominated by the desire for a radical break with the past and will often find yourself wishing you could change everything in your life in one single move. You will encounter difficulties and problems that will disappoint and dishearten you. If you manage to rein in your impulsiveness, new roads will soon open up before you.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot deck today gives us the Moon card reversed. While the upright card speaks of connection to natural cycles, the reversed card often indicates anxiety. You or your partner have trouble sleeping. The disruption of natural cycles affects your relationship. Your conversations carry undertones of suspicion and mistrust. You may struggle for a while to clear clouds of deception and doubt. Eventually you perceive the truth. The reversed card can also indicate problems relating to the home you share with your partner, or issues relating to your children. For single people seeking love, the reversed Moon can mean someone tries to deceive you. Unwanted pregnancy is also a possibility now. Distance yourself from anyone who creates unnecessary drama. Choose your words carefully since many people are thin-skinned at this time.

Daily career tarot

The Tower card reversed is helping you escape the dead end you have reached. After a period full of stress, anxiety and endless dilemmas, the time has come for you to make radical changes in your life and actively pursue a better professional and financial future! You are putting all that is stagnant behind you and making a fresh start, without fear or hesitation. You will put a definitive END to a problematic situation, and although it will initially upset you, it will eventually turn out to be the best decision you could ever have made.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Both of you have had a tiring day, with issues at work and tempers running high. It might be a good idea not to meet right after work and talk as the disturbed auras will have an adverse impact on your bonding today. Instead, opt for a few quiet activities you can enjoy together and relax in each other’s presence.

Soft music at a lakeside restaurant might do the trick. You may also opt for a couple’s massage at a spa. Once rejuvenated, go for a long walk. Today your partner might be in a naughty mood though. Therefore, it might be a good idea to spend the time indoors together and letting your partner show you what they have in mind.

Instead of going outside, a simple home cooked meal indoors will work wonders after the day as you can unwind in the comfort of each other’s presence.

Avoid loud noises as they might be detrimental based on the mood you are in. Therefore, instead of a loud action thriller, go for a romantic comedy or a psycho-thriller movie. There might be small disturbances in the form of calls from work. To avoid this, complete all work before you leave so that nothing can come in your together time. Switching the phone off for a while will be great.

The day calls for relaxation in each other’s comfort. You two are made for each other and have dedicatedly worked towards the relationship. So make the most of it.

Lucky colors – Aquamarine blue, fuchsia
Lucky numbers – 4, 17, 21, 43