Pisces Love and Tarot Horoscope Thursday, May 07, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You are about to go through major changes in your life – and you will be unable to control or prevent them. These developments will be completely unanticipated and will catch you off guard. You will feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty because the stability of your life will be threatened. You will have to keep in mind that all these changes will be for the best, as they will help you disengage yourself from emotionally draining situations. A new road is about to open up before you, and it will be very promising; you will have no reason to be afraid to travel it!

Love Tarot Card

The Chariot card arrives today in a reversed position. This card’s appearance can point to one person in a relationship imposing their decisions on their partner. The upside-down Chariot can also mean a loss of self-control. Someone or something other than yourself is in the driver’s seat right now. You feel as if your relationship has been hijacked. One or both partners make decisions based on anger and selfishness rather than compassion and love. It’s also possible that you have steered off-course in order to avoid a confrontation. Or you overreact to a minor problem. Your Chariot may be drifting, in danger of crashing, because both of you have fallen asleep at the wheel. For single people hoping for romance, this card can reveal that the object of your infatuation does not want commitment. Sometimes the Chariot highlights the conflict between a stated goal, such as finding a lover, and actions which undermine that goal.

Daily career tarot

The changes that are taking place in your professional and financial life are filling you with energy and enthusiasm. You want to make a new start and to take advantage of the opportunities you have been given to progress, but you have to keep in mind that this is not the right time to take risks. Your professional and financial life is fraught with instability, and you are walking a tightrope. Keep a tight rein on your impulse to take risks in order to avoid future trouble. Try to manage your business and financial affairs with caution and prudence so as to avoid making mistakes you will later regret.

Pisces Love Horoscope

You will not let your partner stand in the shadow as well and will bring them in the limelight to share with them the honor you will receive today. Your partner will also acknowledge you with the credits they will receive due to the efforts which they have made for the good of humanity!

You will have a great time today staying with people who are only interested in talking about you and the humorous events of your life. And this will happen because you may come in contact with your childhood buddies or well wishers.

You can rely on your mechanism of seduction to obtain what you want from your partner. It will be very easy to devise and resort to new tactics as well.

The planetary configurations will encourage your personal growth and expansion and that too without any struggle today. You will hold your head high and all your expectations from your partner will be fulfilled today.

Your love life will be weaved in a beautiful pattern and memories will be tucked as gems.
Those of you who had faced separation from their beloved will witness a patch up with them today or very soon in coming few days.

Lucky colors: sea green, Ferrari red and fluorescent yellow.
Lucky numbers: 9, 14, 26, 38