Pisces Love Horoscope for Saturday, July 24, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The Justice card reversed indicates that you will soon experience a sense of disappointment because your life will be thrown out of balance. You will go through a tough time in your relationship with those around you (family, friends, business partners/colleagues, romantic partner) and will feel like nobody is on your side. Someone will do you wrong, and this will make you lose your trust in them. Before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a guilty verdict, though, you should carefully consider whether things turned out the way they did because of you. Seeing that you will have a tendency to deny responsibility for your actions and to blame others for your own mistakes, you may do or say things that will drive away people you care about.

Love Tarot Card

The love tarot card today gives us the Magician reversed. The reversed position of the Magician acts as a warning. Your charisma and powers of persuasion plummet today. Attempts at flirtation are likely to fall flat today. Don’t try to charm your partner into doing things your way. This is also a bad day to meet your lover’s parents for the first time. This card can also indicate you and your lover fail to communicate. For single people, this card suggests you feel like the magician’s bumbling apprentice in your efforts to find a partner. Perhaps you should re-consider the impression your appearance, words, and actions create. The appearance of the Magician card upside-down can mean someone seeks to manipulate you today. A charming but untrustworthy person seeks to seduce you. Or you may have a rival for your partner’s affections.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a period of stability in your professional life and are managing your finances with competence and prudence. Your efforts are starting to bear fruit. You have put your personal life aside in order to fully devote yourself to your career, and this will help you attain the financial ease you have been aspiring to. Your creativity and clarity of thought will help you make mature decisions that will prove crucial for your future. Trust your instinct and pay great attention to your dreams, as they will be very significant.

Pisces Love Horoscope

There is a challenge in the love nest. There has been a foreign party playing up to your attentions. Judging by the fact that your relationship is in a nascent stage, you certainly do not want any unwelcome attentions. You and your partner have been through some rough moments and any such situation, you feel, could blow out of proportion. According to you, everything is new and apparently very brittle. You fear that although there is nothing, it may lead to unrest between the two of you which may lead to unwanted results. You love your partner too much and do not wish to see them unhappy, especially because of you.

The astral opinion is that you need not bother about it at all. The bond between you and your partner is too strong to be broken by petty disturbances like this. Your partner is a caring loving person who trusts you with all their heart. You two share the comfort that before anyone else, you two will know about each other’s intentions. And what’s more, your partner is ready to brave it all out for you.

Do not take the tiffs you have been having at face value. It is natural as you two are new to love and are not aware of the responsibilities as yet. But, with the disagreements, you two will become wiser and more accommodating towards each other. So do not worry, all is fine. Take the new romance one step at a time and revel in the love you share.

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