Pisces Love Horoscope for Thursday, May 06, 2021

Daily tarot reading

Your mind is a jumble of thoughts and emotions and, even though you will do everything in your power to make your desires a reality, your efforts will be hindered by numerous difficulties and obstacles. Things will be progressing too slowly and may even stagnate due to the malevolence of other people as well as to your own behaviour. You will be hesitant and torn between desire and reason. You may grow tired and disappointed, but you will have to put your life in order and to sort out your feelings. You will have to reconsider certain things and adapt to your new reality before you can attain emotional balance. Do not hesitate to express your feelings, even if it’s not always easy!

Love Tarot Card

Today’s love tarot card is the Tower. The lightening which strikes the Tower shakes our foundations. The appearance of the Tower can coincide with a dramatic external event—an accident or an emotional showdown between partners. Repressed rage suddenly breaks loose, shattering the illusion of harmony. At other times, the Tower symbolizes an internal shake-up. You suddenly realize that some cherished belief about yourself, your partner or your relationship is false. Your partner’s casual comment reveals a hidden dark side. It finally dawns on you that you unwittingly sabotaged your previous romances. You acknowledge that you have repressed some aspect of your sexuality. Or you connect the dots which reveal your lover is cheating on you. The Tower can also deliver liberation and transformation. But usually this only becomes apparent in the aftermath of the lightning strike. Occasionally, this card brings sudden freedom. Someone who has been single for a long time finally meets a lover.

Daily career tarot

You are missing out on important professional and financial opportunities due to lacking the clarity of thought that would allow you to recognise their value and take advantage of them. You feel like withdrawing into yourself and have a tendency to approach the prospect of new partnerships with suspicion and reserve. Your thoughts are filled with negativity and pessimism. Your insecurities and lack of self-confidence are holding you back from advancing in your career. You may encounter unforeseen delays and adversities in your professional and financial life, but this doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. Try to change things for the better and don’t let your stubbornness get in the way.

Pisces Love Horoscope

The day may have a brilliant start with you rising to the pinnacle of success. Filled with gusto you may decide to set out for an odyssey where you just want your partner to accompany you and no one else. So set out on your odyssey to your dream destination.

To add on to the pleasure you and your beloved will feel really good in each other’s company. And while being jolly you guys will address the grave issues which have aroused in the past between the two of you.

You and your better half will be more than willing to go all the way and find a solution to these problems. Turn the gloomy and sorrowful evenings into bright ones that too loaded with love and ardency.

You are always comfortable with forward movement and you are full of passionate energy. But do not let it go out without proper control and channelization. The key to a successful dating life is balance. Try to establish a proper balance between your personal and professional life, giving sufficient time to the events of both the areas.

Good time to make plans for the future. Also devise ways and methodologies how you guys can collectively out them into motion so as to accomplish your mission on time.
If there is a fancy passing by, please do get tempted to get along with it for a change. Keep clinging to the fish on the hook.

Lucky colors: mint green, fuchsia pink and orange.
Lucky numbers: 4, 17, 25, 30