Sagittarius Horoscope – Monday, October 26, 2020

Daily tarot reading

There will be changes in your life that will stress you out and force you to focus your attention on bringing things back into balance. You will have to accept your new reality, come to terms with a situation that will be unpleasant to you, and find a way out of your impasse. You will make sacrifices so as to get your life back in order. Make sure you keep a tight rein on your ego and pay more attention to certain matters. Once this period is behind you, you will become self-reliant and gain control of your life!

Love Tarot Card

The Hermit card slips out of the love tarot deck upside-down today. The reversed Hermit suggests that the card’s positive qualities are blocked, rejected or exaggerated. Your partner withdraws from intimacy because of some emotional issue. He or she may need to seek counseling. Or you ignore the need to spend time alone, immersing yourself in a social whirl because you fear introspection. To relate deeply to others, it is necessary to forge a connection with your own deepest self. You and your lover have lost a sense of connection. Each of you feels alone in the relationship. If you are single, you experience loneliness now rather than self-sufficiency. Persistent feelings of abandonment because of past experiences hinder your love life. You may be holding on to an unhealthy relationship out of fear of being alone.

Daily career tarot

Your intuition is peaking and helping you sort out some professional and financial matters that have been puzzling you for a long time. Follow your instinct: it is currently very reliable and will guide you in the right direction. Try to avoid impulse spending. You are prone to making plans that are not grounded in reality. If you feel tempted to act in secret, lie or hide the truth about a professional or financial matter, keep in mind that, sooner or later, it will all come out in the open; so try to behave as prudently as possible!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

You and your partner have been in serious discussions for quite a while now. There are certain decisions you two need to take before you can move ahead and take the bigger and final plunge. You two need to arrive at certain understanding before you can take the decisions.

You two have been in a relationship for a considerable amount of time. Although you have spent quality time together, it has mostly been fun times and chilling out. To get to serious talks, you need to be serious about yourselves and learn about each other well. You two are free minded personalities.

You cannot be tied down by rules. You are guided by understanding. Therefore, go through a process of knowing each other better today. Once you do this, the decisions will take place naturally.

Instead of sitting with a pen and paper and making lists, brew a cup of coffee and sit down and talk. Do not think about time constraints or the pressure of the impending decisions. Instead, forget about the world and talk, confide, understand and absorb the knowledge. This will help you in your relationship and in your future.

While talking, see to it that the ambience is comfortable. Do not sit beside a fire although a small flame like a candle is good. Do not be close to thorny plants or sharp objects. Any object that emits heat is also not good to sit by. Wear clothes that have a calming effect on you.

Lucky colors – claret, lime green
Lucky numbers – 7, 12, 25, 33, 45