Sagittarius Love and Tarot Horoscope – Friday, June 19, 2020

Daily tarot reading

Your inability to control your impulsiveness will cause you to make decisions without having thought things through. The Temperance card reversed indicates that you will have a tendency to be intemperate and oblivious to the consequences of your actions. You will do things you will later regret. This will be a transitional period in your life, and it will be testing you. You will have to give up your bad habits and to exercise self-control in order to give yourself the chance to make a new start.

Love Tarot Card

Today we have the Hierophant card reversed. When a card comes to us in this position, it means the qualities of the card have become unbalanced, resulting in either excess or lack. A reversed Hierophant may mean that you and/or your partner feel oppressed by convention. You quarrel about the kind of wedding ceremony which will suit both of you as well as your families. The upside-down Hierophant can also mean a sense of boredom with your ordinary, everyday life. You and your partner need to add excitement to your lives. For single people, the reversed Hierophant often suggests you cannot find love because you do not fit the social norms of those around you. Others view you as flouting the rules they obey. You must decide if you want to gain acceptance by conforming, or seek a more like-minded group.

Daily career tarot

You are making a new start in your professional and financial life, and it is filling you with satisfaction and vigour. You have the ability to overcome every possible obstacle. Your wishes are coming true, and your self-confidence will help you achieve all the goals you will set. There are people in your life who are willing to offer you their support at any given time. Some choices you made in the past with respect to your business and financial affairs may now turn out to have been spot-on. Stay in control of your life and rely on your own strength; your career and finances are on the right track.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

You and your partner have said some unpleasant things to each other. Although it was in the heat of the moment and both of you did not mean what you said, you are evidently upset and wish to make it up.

You are an expressive person who does not keep things to oneself. If you feel something is not the way you feel it should be, you make it a point to express it.

Your partner on the other hand prefers to keep things to him/herself. Although he/she does not mean any harm, it is your natures that have come in conflict. Today is a day to meet up, put it all behind you and start afresh. Your love transcends all boundaries and does not get affected by petty tiffs.

You two have an understanding that reaches far beyond. Therefore, it is a good idea to meet up and apologize and make up. While at it, it is a good idea to not talk about disturbing things as it may lead to flying tempers.

As there is a disturbance in the air, try not to wear bright or angry colors today. Avoid sharp objects and plants like rose shrub and cacti. These objects enhance the discord and create deeper rifts. A soft flame or a calm water body like a lake will do you two wonders. Today will give you a deeper sense of understanding. Absorb the lesson well.

Lucky colors – powder blue, off white
Lucky numbers – 1, 18, 24, 30