Sagittarius Love and Tarot Horoscope – Monday, June 01, 2020

Daily tarot reading

Your inability to control your impulsiveness will cause you to make decisions without having thought things through. The Temperance card reversed indicates that you will have a tendency to be intemperate and oblivious to the consequences of your actions. You will do things you will later regret. This will be a transitional period in your life, and it will be testing you. You will have to give up your bad habits and to exercise self-control in order to give yourself the chance to make a new start.

Love Tarot Card

Today we have the Hierophant card reversed. When a card comes to us in this position, it means the qualities of the card have become unbalanced, resulting in either excess or lack. A reversed Hierophant may mean that you and/or your partner feel oppressed by convention. You quarrel about the kind of wedding ceremony which will suit both of you as well as your families. The upside-down Hierophant can also mean a sense of boredom with your ordinary, everyday life. You and your partner need to add excitement to your lives. For single people, the reversed Hierophant often suggests you cannot find love because you do not fit the social norms of those around you. Others view you as flouting the rules they obey. You must decide if you want to gain acceptance by conforming, or seek a more like-minded group.

Daily career tarot

Your creativity and your passion for your work are peaking. You are pursuing your ambitions, fighting for your dreams and enjoying professional and financial success! You are focused on earning recognition and won’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your goals. Some revelations will help you sort out the truth from the lies regarding a professional matter. You will find solutions to issues you used to consider dead-end and will put certain things into perspective. The period lying ahead of you will pose a challenge you will gloriously rise to!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

The day is extremely positive one for those engaged in serious relationship. If you have been having any minor problems with your partner, reconciliation is in the cards today accompanied by some stormy passions. You are feeling rather lustful today and this is entirely due to the stars which are all pushing you towards enjoying a buffet of kisses, caress and cuddles.

If you were on the brink of a relationship, you will take the final step today – all eager to commence your life together. Even those of you who love the singles life will be lured towards making a commitment today. Whatever you do, it will lead up to a memorable evening with your partner today.

Your partner will be in an amorous mood which matches your own mood quite well. As a result, you can expect some serious fireworks. Even those in a long term committed relationship will experience a rekindling of passions today.

Your partner is going to love the attention and will not be above trying a little experimentation on the physical side. So, if you have wanted to explore some new boundaries of passion, then this is the best day to broach the subject.

Your partner will encourage you to act out your fantasies and indulge all the senses. The stage is set. It is now up to you to make the first move in order to enjoy a very memorable day together.

Lucky color: teal blue, cyan, crimson
Lucky number: 8, 31, 2