Sagittarius Love and Tarot Horoscope – Sunday, June 07, 2020

Daily tarot reading

You will feel the desire to study, to expand your spiritual horizons and to enrich your knowledge and experience. You will build a solid foundation for your future. Before you accomplish the goals you will set out to pursue, you will have difficulty making decisions and will be in need of support and guidance. Someone very important to you will be by your side and help you make the right decisions. There will be developments in your life that will help you grow and acquire further experience. You will reflect on your past and regret some of the decisions you have made. You will resolve to do everything in your power to reverse a negative situation and will indeed succeed in doing so.

Love Tarot Card

The Devil card emerges today from the love tarot deck. This card portrays some kind of trap. Your relationship feels like a prison. You see no possibility of either change or escape. You and/or your partner have become entangled in debt or addiction. One or both of you feel chained to a job you hate. Perhaps you and your spouse are locked in a pattern of endless arguments. Sometimes this card symbolizes an obsession with somebody unavailable. In any of these situations, the result is the same–you feel powerless. Yet, if you look at the image of the Devil card, you see the chains are loose enough to permit escape. In most situations, the Devil card represents only the illusion of imprisonment. You can extricate yourself, but the cure could feel as devastating as the disease. If you face crippling debt, you have to declare bankruptcy. Whatever the problem is, you will have to surrender the façade that everything is OK.

Daily career tarot

You are going through a crisis in your professional and financial life. You feel worn out by your responsibilities and problems, and have withdrawn into yourself in order to regain your inner strength. It is very likely that someone who is jealous of you will try to deceive you in order to get you into trouble. This is not the right time to make career-related or financial decisions.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Pressures from several directions are now mounting and the brunt is being borne by your love life. You are developing a dangerous tendency of taking your partner for granted. Your partner’s feelings for you runs true and deep, but it is unlikely that he / she will tolerate being ignored for too long. An immediate change in this policy is necessary.

Be sure to show your appreciation though it is unlikely that you will get any time for making an elaborate gesture. Still, you can always make a small but thoughtful gesture which will not cost you anything but which will say to your partner that you are thinking of him / her. Even a scribbled note on the refrigerator can work wonders today.

Your partner has shown a lot of support in your chosen avenue. Though it has never been demanded, he or she may be feeling a little starved of affection lately and if care is not taken now, you are heading for a showdown.

Your partner is going out of the way to make life easier and more comfortable for you and expects some recognition for the effort. Patience is not the greatest virtue that your partner has right now.

Instead, a sense of frustration may be building up and this may be expressed through a burst of temper which actually means nothing. The day requires you to express your love and gain the appreciation of your partner.

Lucky colors: Sky blue, light green, lavender, lilac
Lucky numbers: 13, 26, 54