Sagittarius Love Horoscope for Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Daily tarot reading

The Justice card reversed indicates that you will soon experience a sense of disappointment because your life will be thrown out of balance. You will go through a tough time in your relationship with those around you (family, friends, business partners/colleagues, romantic partner) and will feel like nobody is on your side. Someone will do you wrong, and this will make you lose your trust in them. Before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a guilty verdict, though, you should carefully consider whether things turned out the way they did because of you. Seeing that you will have a tendency to deny responsibility for your actions and to blame others for your own mistakes, you may do or say things that will drive away people you care about.

Love Tarot Card

The Strength card emerges from the shuffling of the tarot deck cards today. The Strength card indicates a period when you experience sunny optimism and confidence. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner make each other purr with pleasure. Single folks draw admirers effortlessly. A flirtation quickly escalates into passion. The appearance of the Strength card also highlights an opportunity to settle a conflict with your partner. The two of you are more likely to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise now. Love helps both of you evolve into kinder, more patient people. You forgive your lover for some past mistake. You receive a new job offer, a promotion or some type of award. A sense of inner strength makes it easier for you to open your heart, letting your partner see your vulnerability.

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The hectic pace of your everyday life, along with your numerous professional and financial responsibilities, has completely disoriented you, and you are currently having difficulty finding time for yourself and your loved ones. You have neglected important aspects of your life and feel isolated and lonely. You have to reconsider some of the choices you have made, because the steep, solitary path you are travelling is of your own choosing. Try to control your impulsiveness and prioritise your desires.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

The times have been trying in the past. But today is a fresh start for you and your partner. Everything has seemed to go awry in the past. But it was all a big astral ploy to get you and your partner close to each other and to make you realize how much you love and depend on each other.

Because of pressure at work place, family and social responsibilities, you have taken each other for granted in the past. But till now, after all that you two have faced, you have realized that it was only each other that you have looked on to for support.

Therefore, cherish the day today and express your heartfelt love and gratitude to your partner for being there. Make a day of it by taking your partner out and indulging in whatever he/she likes.

Your partner too, has realized the same thing and wishes to express the feelings to you today. Till now what was a simple relationship with fun and frolic will seem to take a deeper meaning. Friends will turn into soul mates.

And the bond which you thought always to be there will now only grow stronger. Try to protect it with all your strength. Your partner feels in the same way. Instead of keeping these feelings inside you, meet your partner and express all this to him/her. Everything is meant to be good together as long as you respect your bond and love each other.

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